Bake Off Professionals judge Benoit Blin refuses to eat sponge fingers

Bake Off: The Professionals judge Benoit Blin

Bake Off: The Professionals judge Benoit Blin refused to eat Cake Ninja's attempt at a classic French dessert.

In the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off spin-off on Channel 4, contestants were challenged with making 24 patisserie-style sticky toffee puddings which judge Cherish Finden confessed was her favourite dessert. If that was not enough pressure, at the same time they had to make 24 Charlotte A La Russe - a French dessert consisting of a frozen fruit bavarois surrounded by lady finger sponges.

When it came to trying Kate and Hayley from Cake Ninja's offering, French judge Blin said: "I can't eat your sponge fingers."

Kate and Hayley of Cake Ninja are self-trained pasty chefs. (Channel 4)
Kate and Hayley of Cake Ninja are self-trained pasty chefs. (Channel 4)

Kate and Hayley from Cake Ninja opted to give their Charlotte A La Russe a modern twist, by replacing the lady finger sponge collar with cookie dough cups, and a single lady finger on top.

As they struggled to finish in time Hayley said: "We did better than last time, we got them all on the trays." Teammate Kate then confessed: "I actually don't have three on there as they were so broken."

The judges were no impressed with Cake Ninja's efforts. As Finden removed the plastic casing from around their sticky toffee puddings she told them: "It's unfinished. The plastic is no no. This is a nice dessert to eat. But does it take me to the world of sticky toffee? Not really... Everything feels dry."

The judges then turned to their Charlotte A La Russe with a large flat lady finger placed on top, instead of poking out from the bavarois as they had planned. Blin said: "We've asked to imagine the Charlotte A La Russe, you've went far with it. I can't eat the lady fingers." Finden told them: "For me the cookie dough doesn't work. You have had a bad day. But tomorrow is a good day for you."

Afterwards Kate whispered to her teammate, "It was a disaster!" Hayley said: "It was totally fair. We just did the best that we could in the time frame."

Kate and Hayley are both self-trained pastry chef. Kate set up the business, named after her love of martial arts and was joined by her friend. They are up against rival contestants from top patisseries and kitchens and Michelin-star restaurants.

Bake Off The Professionals judges Cherish Finden and Benoit Blin
Viewers agreed with the Bake Off judges that the cookie dough cups looked a mess. (Channel 4) (Channel 4)

Viewers had already spotted the cookie dough cup was not going to be a successful twist.

One wrote on social media platform X: "Cake Ninja shouldn't be on this show. They're nowhere near the required standard. They'd struggle on the normal #GBBO #BakeOffTheProfessionals" Another said: "All the love to cookie dough but I don’t think they were a good idea #GBBO" And one posted: "#GBBO #BakeOffTheProfessionals. Those cookie dough cups look messy."

But Bake Off viewers were pleased to have something to watch other than football, as two Euros 24 matches aired on BBC One and BBC Two - Croatia V Italy and Spain playing Albania.

One tweeted: "Football?? Oh no, Bake Off is on #GBBO" And another shared: "I would like to personally thank #BakeOffProfessionals for giving me something to watch during (checks notes) an "exciting summer of sport" #GBBO"

Bake Off: The Professionals Benoit, Liam Charles, Ellie Taylor and Cherish
Bake Off: The Professionals said goodbye to Cake Ninja. (Channel 4)

The teams were challenged to make a showpiece inspired by couture fashion. Finden said of Cake Ninja's figurine: "It looks quite futuristic, it just reminds me of E.T."

Host Ellie Taylor announced that Kate and Hayley would be leaving the competition. The women said: "We have had the most unreal experience. Super proud of what we've got to. We'll definitely be leaving happy."

Cherish Finden said: "Kate and Haley. - they have two bad days. You can't have two bad days in the competition."

Bake Off: The Professionals 2024 airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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