Anti Up ‘couldn’t think of better place’ to unveil new music than Coachella

British DJ duo Anti Up have unveiled their new music project at Coachella.

Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo previewed their new album, the title of which is yet to be revealed, during their set on the Mojave stage at the Californian music festival.

The set marked the fifth Coachella performance from Lake, who often appears alongside Australian music producer Fisher, while it was the debut appearance from Lorenzo, who has been dubbed a pioneer in electronic music.

The pair played new tracks Control The Media and The Weekend during their “loud and tough and dark” set.

“We got the opportunity to perform it here at Coachella and we couldn’t think of a better place to essentially unveil it and show people what we’ve got,” Lake told the PA news agency.

The duo have played together as Anti Up since 2018, having met through a fellow musician in 2014 – describing the partnership as having a “lot of synergy”.

“We set out on recording this project four years ago and we had studio time planned essentially when Covid hit, and Covid ruined everything, it kind of derailed us,” Lake said.

“For a variety of different reasons it was difficult for us to get any significant time to work on the project really until the last year or so.

“We got our stuff together and we really solidified the vision that we had for the project.

“The vision was a little bit different from where we started four years ago, it has evolved just like we’ve evolved and this last six months, it’s almost like we’ve just gone laser focused on a sound and we’ve ramped it up.”

Lake also spoke about the online controversy after it was revealed Anti Up would be performing on the Mojave stage, after he previously appeared at the festival on a much larger stage which saw 55,000 festival-goers appear.

He said: “I can imagine some people were thinking, if even a quarter of that crowd turned up for the stage at Mojave it is going to be an absolute pandemonium.

“But the thing is, we made this project with dark rooms in mind, it’s very influenced by the parties that we went to when we were growing up and the sounds and the events that influenced us, how that comes together, how we influence each other – that’s really what this project is about.

“We knew what we wanted this to look like, how we wanted it to sound, where we wanted it to be experienced, and it was the Mojave. That’s why we chose it. We tried to be uncompromising about that.”