Another Traitors star banished after players turn on one another

Traitors star Miles has been banished from the hit BBC show after his fellow traitors turned on him and voted him off the show.

The 36-year-old veterinary nurse was ousted in dramatic scenes in Wednesday’s episode after suspicion was cast his way due to him “murdering” faithful Diane by giving her a poisoned chalice.

Following her murder, fingers pointed towards both Miles and fellow traitor Paul, which caused them to go head-to-head at the roundtable.

The Traitors
Miles has been banished (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC/PA)

The players argued their case of why they felt the other was a traitor, with Paul revealing that Diane had been convinced Miles was responsible due to handing Diane a drink.

Miles argued that Diane has received drinks from multiple people and that she had got her judgment of who was a traitor wrong in the past.

After their debate, Miles received the most votes from the other contestants, including being stabbed in the back by fellow traitors Paul and Harry, which sealed his fate.

As he addressed his fellow players, he said “what an amazing journey we’ve had and I have made some amazing friends for life” before revealing he was a traitor.

Afterwards Paul confessed their debate had knocked him, saying: “That was really tough, the more sharp and to the point and detailed he was, the weaker I got. I took a beating.”

He later kept up pretences to the other players that he was really shaken up in order to keep his traitor status hidden, and his performance was praised by the contestants who thanked them for helping to get another traitor out.

However, fellow traitor Harry was not convinced by Paul’s strategy as he felt he was “doing too much” which would draw further attention to them.

Instead he started spreading rumours that he felt the roundtable debate had been a “war between traitors” to cast further suspicions towards Paul and off himself.

Later in the evening, host Claudia Winkleman revealed to Paul and Harry they had the opportunity to “murder” another player as usual or they could seduce a faithful into becoming a traitor.

While Paul leaned towards staying as a two, Harry pushed for them to recruit either Zack, Andrew, Ross or Jasmine.

The episode ended with a cliff-hanger, with their decision on who they wanted to recruit to be revealed in Thursday’s show.

Earlier in the show, viewers were shocked with a twist as it was revealed that faithful Diane had drunk from the poisoned chalice and that she would be on the “slow march to certain death”.

During Friday’s episode, the then-traitors of Miles, Harry and Paul were challenged with murdering a faithful by making them drink from the cup.

At the start of Wednesday’s show, it was confirmed that Diane did take a sip of the drink but Winkleman revealed the “poison doesn’t work with immediate effect”.

The Traitors
Diane is the latest faithful to be murdered in The Traitors (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC/PA)

For their challenge, the contestants then had to act out a funeral procession to discover which of them had been poisoned.

As the players walked along a pathway, they had to answer questions to uncover who was safe and who was at jeopardy of being “murdered”.

When it was down to the final three contestants – Diane, Paul and Evie – they each had to get into a coffin while the others watched.

The remaining players had to cast their vote for who they thought had been poisoned by throwing a flower into their coffin and if they chose correctly, the team would win £7,000.

After Winkleman confirmed Diane had been “murdered” the host hailed her as a “brilliant player”.

Contestant Ross, who is the real-life son of Diane, also paid tribute, saying: “I think Diane was an incredible player and I think it’s a massive loss to the whole team. We’ll be trying to find the traitors tonight for sure.”

Afterwards Diane said: “I’m OK with it being me. It would have been way worse if it had been Ross. The traitors are getting rid of people that could have carried the faithfuls forward. I think they’re playing a blindingly good game.”