Alesha Dixon: Every day I try to like myself more

TV personality Alesha Dixon says she tries to like herself more every day, telling Women’s Health UK that she is in a healthier headspace than 10 years ago.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge used to rely on Red Bull and Maltesers when filming the show – but she now has healthier habits, adding that fitness has been her “saviour.”

The singer-songwriter, 43, told Women’s Health UK: “Every day I try to like myself more. I regret things, but that’s human. I’m in a healthier headspace compared with 10 years ago. I hope that in 10 years’ time I’ll be in an even better one.

“I used to rely on the short-lived energy hit of Red Bull when filming, but now I avoid it and drink herbal tea. In the early days of BGT, I’d graze on sugary foods like Maltesers but they left me unsatisfied. Now I eat carrot sticks and nuts. I sleep badly after filming as I’m so wired – I never make plans for the next morning.”

Having recently celebrated her birthday, the former Mis-Teeq band member explained the “beautiful” aspect of ageing.

Dixon said: “Some people are afraid of ageing, but the beautiful thing about it is clarity. You lighten your load along the way and put things into perspective – it makes life enjoyable as you know what matters. I could say I’m happiest on stage, but it’s actually in the garden with my daughters and our 12-year-old dog, Daisy.

“Fitness has always been my saviour during challenging times – it rids me of stress and keeps my brain clear. I like structure, so I do a mix of weight training and cardio with my personal trainer. I enjoy sweating, but adding in lower-intensity forms of movement has really helped calm me down. I rest on the weekend.”

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