‘I want to thank the scientists’: Lionel Blair has second dose of vaccine

Lionel Blair has thanked scientists for their work after having the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The 92-year-old entertainer said the vaccine was “the best birthday present I could have”.

He urged people to “wear your mask, stay at home (and) wash your hands”.

Blair told Good Morning Britain he felt “wonderful”.

Lionel Blair
Lionel Blair (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

He said:  “I’m feeling fine. It was the best birthday present I could have because I was 92 on December 12 and on that day they said I can have my first one, which I did, my first appointment.

“Yesterday I had my second.”

And the veteran tap dancer told the ITV show: “I want to thank the scientists for getting this together.

“It’s just wonderful, what they’ve done.

“I do the flu jab every year, I do as I’m told and that’s what everybody should do – wear your mask, stay at home, wash your hands.”

Blair previously dubbed those who turn the vaccine down “crazy”.

“I’m just … thinking, thank God I live here,” he has said.

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