British Museum exhibition sheds light on Arctic’s changing climate

More than 250 objects highlighting how Arctic peoples have adapted to the region’s harsh climate have gone on display at the British Museum.

The London museum’s Arctic: Culture And Climate exhibition explores the history of the indigenous population through the lens of climate change and weather.

Arctic: culture and climate exhibition
An amauti and a kayaq used by Inuit and Aleut hunters (Victoria Jones/PA)

Among the items are an amauti, a parka with a baby carrier built into the hood, and a kayaq used by Inuit and Aleut hunters during the 1800s.

Also on display is a waterproof whaling suit from a Kalaallit hunter, the only complete one of its kind in the world, dated 1834.

Arctic: culture and climate exhibition
Woven Inuit clothing that form an artwork entitled Atigiit, Silapaat (Victoria Jones/PA)

One artwork entitled Silent Messenger represents an Inuit land marker.

The display also includes various sledges which are suitable for different types of snow.

Arctic: culture and climate exhibition
A Kalaallit whaling suit (Victoria Jones/PA)

Also included in the exhibition are a number of videos of interviews with indigenous people discussing their experiences of the changing Arctic climate.

The British Museum’s Citi exhibition Arctic: Culture And Climate runs from October 22 to February 21.

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