Jade Holland Cooper: My pregnancy body has taken some getting used to

Jade Holland Cooper has said watching her body change shape throughout her pregnancy has “taken some getting used to”.

The owner of fashion and lifestyle brand Holland Cooper and husband Julian Dunkerton, the founder of clothing brand Superdry, are expecting their first child together in November.

Holland Cooper, 33, told Hello! magazine: “I have to be honest, watching my body shape change has taken some getting used to.

“People say you’ve got to embrace it, and you do, but when you’re used to being one shape your whole life, it does take confidence to look at yourself in a totally different way.

“But you have to get it all into perspective. I’m growing a little human in there, which is just so incredible to me.

“I thought her kicks and those little flutters you get would feel weird, but it feels totally natural and reassuring and yes, just really lovely.”

She added that she and Dunkerton, 55, were shocked to learn they are expecting a girl, saying: “Because I’ve had no sickness, the midwife told me immediately that we were having a boy.

Jade Holland Cooper and Julian Dunkerton (Hello!)

“We were convinced, so it was a complete shock when we found out it was a girl – though, to be honest, it was a surprise all round.

“But the truth is, if I had waited for the right time to plan this pregnancy, it would never have happened.

“The whole Covid situation made it feel even more terrifying, but actually, now I can see there could not have been a better time because we had no choice but to restructure our lives and that gave us all that time at home, together.”


The full interview is in Hello!, out now.

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