Katy Perry opens up on mental health and life with ‘perfect’ Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry has opened up on her mental health struggles and said fiance Orlando Bloom is the “only one” who can handle handle her dark moods.

The chart-topping singer is expecting her first child with British actor Bloom and told a US radio station the baby is due “soon” and she is “not anxious at all about it”.

Perry, 35, discussed a period of depression after feeling a sense of failure following her 2017 album Witness and said Bloom was her “perfect” partner.

Katy Perry expecting first child
Katy Perry has described Orlando Bloom as her ‘perfect’ partner (Peter Byrne/PA)

She told Howard Stern’s SiriusXFM show: “I showed him all of it and he still shows up and he’s not fazed by it. That’s why he’s perfect, because I’m a lot.”

Perry, best known for hits including Firework, California Gurls and Roar, also opened up on the mental health treatment she and Bloom have had.

“I actually went to this place called the Hoffman Process, which Orlando went to as well, which is a week-long intensive re-wiring of your neural pathways through psychological and spiritual exercises,” she said.

“It’s mostly science but it could come off a little hippy-dippy for some people. Basically, you just re-wire the negative paths, all the negative habits that you had for so many years, and you don’t understand why you keep going through that loop.”

Smile is set to be released on August 14.

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