David Schwimmer provides an update on Friends reunion show

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The eagerly awaited Friends reunion special could begin filming as soon as next month, David Schwimmer has revealed.

The actor, who played Ross Geller on the beloved comedy, said he and his co-stars could shoot the one-off episode in mid-August, if it is deemed safe to do so amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The special is due to be filmed at the Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, California. The state is struggling to get a grip on the Covid-19 outbreak.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Schwimmer promised the special would feature "surprise bits" and said: "It's supposed to happen maybe in August, the middle of August, but honestly we're going to wait and see another week or two if we all determine it's really safe enough to do. And if not, then we'll wait until it's safe."

The special, due to air in the US on the HBO Max streaming service, will bring together Schwimmer and co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.

It had been set to launch with HBO Max in May, but filming was delayed due to the pandemic.

During his appearance on The Tonight Show, Schwimmer, 53, also recalled almost turning down the career-defining role of Ross.

Friends cast: Then and now
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Friends cast: Then and now
Among all the Friends cast members, Marcel the monkey was a standout. He was adorable, he was expressive, and while he didn’t say a ton, he made...
Over the course of 10 years and 10 seasons, the writers of Friends delivered no fewer than 236 episodes to their ever-increasing fan base.Fifteen years after the finale aired on 6 May, bringing the adventures of Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica to an end, it is still nigh impossible to pick a single favourite episode. It feels as though each 20-or-so-minute nugget contributed its own signature phrases and cult moments, which remain firmly embedded in pop culture nowadays.Yet it is interesting to comb through those combined 4,720-ish minutes of television and separate the highs from the lows. Friends will surely always have a special place among the series that set the standards of the sitcom genre. That’s why the show remains a relevant topic of discussion to this day, and why it has come under renewed scrutiny as some (including this writer) have attempted to dissect the way it broached topics such as gender, sexuality, women’s rights, and body politicsSome of Friends’s best episodes still stand out for what they contributed to the history of television – an all-too-rare lesbian wedding, a surrogacy storyline, the empowering tale of a young woman finding her footing in the corporate world. Others are, quite simply, funny in a laugh-out-loud, goofy way, fuelled by the kind of moments that explain why Friends is, for many, the televised equivalent of comfort food.[[gallery-0]] Here it is, then: a full ranking of all 236 episodes of Friends, from worst to best.236\. The One with Chandler's Dad – Season seven, episode 22The portrayal of Chandler’s parent – many viewers are now convinced, in hindsight, that Chandler’s “dad” was actually a transgender woman – was problematic throughout the show, and this episode is no exception.235\. The One with the Giant Poking Device – Season three, episode eight“Ugly Naked Guy” was one of the least funny – and most offensive – gimmicks employed by the sitcom. A large part of this episode revolves around it, so it’s no surprise to see it tumbling towards the bottom of this ranking.234\. The One with the Vows – Season seven, episode 21There is nothing crucially wrong with this episode, except that it’s made up almost entirely of flashbacks from previous instalments. Can you imagine tuning in, back when Friends was still airing weekly on network TV, only to be served what essentially amounts to a rerun? Boring.233\. The One with the Ick Factor – Season one, episode 22Monica dates someone younger – whom she presumes to be a senior in college – only to discover he’s actually a 17-year-old senior in high school. Icky indeed. It’s just one of those episodes where the central joke doesn’t land.232\. The One with the Truth About London – Season seven, episode 16This episode would have occupied the middle of this ranking if not for a brief sequence in which Phoebe wonders what would have happened if Monica and Joey had ended up together. In this alternative reality, a fat Joey struggles to bring his chair up to the table as he sits down to another epic dinner cooked by his partner. It’s fat-shaming at its worst, and it’s profoundly uncomfortable to watch.231\. The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel – Season three, episode fourAh yes, The One Where Ross Freaks Out Because His Son Wants To Play With a Barbie Doll. OK, Ross. The only redeeming quality is the end sequence in which a young Ross is seen dressed as his female alter ego, Bea, and hosting a tea party.230\. The One with Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. – Season six, episode 20Another flashback episode, this time pegged to Chandler’s failure to relay important news to Joey regarding a possible TV show role.229\. The One with the Rumor – Season eight, episode nineRachel Green’s former classmate Will (played by Jennifer Aniston’s then-husband Brad Pitt) wanted to make up an embarrassing rumour about her in high school, and apparently, the most humiliating option was to make Rachel supposedly intersex. This one doesn’t really need to be explained, does it? Activists have spoken at length about the stigma and shame associated with being intersex. This is one example of how pop culture has contributed to those issues.228\. The One with the Ballroom Dancing – Season four, episode fourLook, the storyline in which Joey agrees to help Mr Treeger practice his ballroom dancing is, in part, rather cute – but it’s ruined by the mockery he faces for it. “How goes the dancing? Gay yet?” Monica asks him in one of those moments that will remind you that Friends hasn’t always aged well.227\. The One Where Nana Dies Twice – Season one, episode eightRoss visits his family as they prepare to say goodbye to his late grandmother, and discovers dozens of sweetener packets (which she loved to collect) tucked away in her bedroom closet. It's a very sweet moment so why, oh why, ruin it with an entire storyline about Chandler’s sexuality and whether he gives off some kind of gay vibe226\. The One with the Thumb – Season one, episode threeIs it Phoebe’s extremely unbelievable discovery of an entire human thumb in her can of soda, or is it the fact that the show was clearly still struggling to grasp its own identity when this one aired in 1994? Either way, something about this episode feels off.225\. The One with the Male Nanny – Season nine, episode sixAka The One Where Ross and Rachel Find the Absolute Perfect Nanny After a Difficult Search but Have to Let Him Go Because Ross Has Outdated Ideas About Masculinity.224\. The One with the Inappropriate Sister – Season five, episode 10Remember that weird time Rachel dated a guy named Danny who had an uncomfortably close relationship with his sister? Yes, I had blacked it out too. That storyline seems plain weird, and the rest of the episode isn’t compelling enough to make up for it.223\. The One with Joey's Interview – Season eight, episode 19Oh, great, another flashback episode. This time, it’s pegged to Joey’s interview with an entertainment reporter (a tricky exercise for Joey, who tends to put his foot in his mouth while speaking to the press).222\. The One where Ross Dates a Student – Season six, episode 18As the title would suggest, Ross, a university professor, starts dating a student – and his shocked when he learns that’s not merely “frowned upon” but plainly forbidden by the powers that be. Come on, Ross.221\. The One where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad – Season six, episode 21When the aforementioned student’s father (played rather brilliantly by Bruce Willis) finds out his daughter is dating an older man in a position of authority, he’s none-too-pleased. Instead of accepting that fact, Ross enlists his own ex, Rachel, to talk him up to the student’s father. Of course he does.220\. The One with the Breast Milk – Season two, episode twoWhen Ross finds out his ex-wife Carol’s partner Susan has tasted Carol’s breast milk, he wants to try it too. But this is Ross, so naturally he’s torn between his rivalry with Susan and his aversion for said breast milk. Not to be overly critical of Ross, but this isn't his finest moment.219\. The One with Monica's Boots – Season eight, episode 10Monica buys pricey boots and her husband Chandler (who is actually a few episodes away from quitting his job, thus putting financial pressure on his marriage) thinks they’re too expensive. So Monica pledges to wear them forever, and when it turns out they hurt, she tries to hide it from him. I realise Friends is just a fun sitcom, but this episode is enough to make you question whether you'd ever like to have a joint account with anybody.218\. The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey – Season five, episode 15Far be it from me to be the Debbie Downer here, but I don’t find jokes about Joey’s girlfriend hitting him particularly funny? Sure, the storyline is played for laughs, but something seems a bit tone-deaf here.217\. The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister – Season three, episode 11Little life tip: if you're going to fool around with your friend's sister, maybe remember which one it was? Looking at you, Chandler Bing lost in a sea of Joey's siblings.216\. The One with Joey's Fridge – Season six, episode 19Let’s go back to Ross’s decision to date a student for a moment. In this episode, he gets so insecure when his girlfriend goes away for Spring Break (you know, as she should) that he follows her on her beach getaway. The sequence where David Schwimmer is seen dancing on what appears to be MTV Spring Break is almost funny enough to redeem it all. Almost.215\. The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner – Season three, episode 14In order to keep Rachel from attending a fashion seminar with her colleague Mark (who he's convinced is courting her), Ross decides to accompany her – except Ross doesn’t care about fashion and is so uninterested he falls asleep. In the words of Joey: how Ross got three women to marry him, I’ll never know.214\. The One with Rachel's Assistant – Season seven, episode fourLook, I gave Ross grief for dating his student, but I also wasn’t particularly taken with Rachel’s decision to hire her assistant Tag just because she thought he was cute (even though he was clearly under-qualified), turning down a perfectly fine applicant named Hilda in the process.213\. The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs – Season seven, episode eightAfter a few episodes of lusting after Tag, Rachel finally kisses her assistant and starts a secret relationship with him. Again, I think Rachel – who worked so hard to carve herself a place in the corporate world and really loved her job! – deserved better than this narrative arc.212\. The One with the Race Car Bed – Season three, episode sevenUgh. When Rachel brings her boyfriend Ross to dinner with her own father, it turns out Dr Green isn’t exactly fond of the palaeontologist. Both men, however, end up bonding over their mutual disdain of certain aspects of Rachel’s lifestyle, such as her decision to consult a chiropractor. Women, am I right?211\. The One That Could Have Been, Part One – Season six, episode 15Flashbacks in Friends are always uncomfortable to some extent, mainly owing to the portrayal of young Monica, played by Courteney Cox in a fat suit. This episode is no exception to the rule: in this alternative reality, Monica is a 30-year-old virgin, presumably owing to her body shape.210\. The One That Could Have Been, Part Two – Season six, episode 16More of the same. Part two one gets a slightly higher ranking than the first because the alternative-reality plot resolves to bring all six friends back to their actual situations on the show (meaning Rachel leaves her fiancé Barry, Ross realises his wife is a lesbian, and Phoebe quits her job at Merrill Lynch). As for Chandler, he realises he is in love with Monica, making their storyline slightly more nuanced than the 30-year-old virgin trope.209\. The One Where Underdog Gets Away – Season one, episode nineRoss is uncomfortable speaking to his unborn child, but gets over his initial reluctance once because his ex-wife’s partner Susan does it. It’s slightly amazing how many of Ross’s actions in earlier seasons were motivated by his desire to compete with his ex’s partner. Also, any episode featuring Ugly Naked Guy automatically loses points.208. The One in Barbados, Part One – Season nine, episode 23You know there’s something wrong with an episode when the most interesting one-liners revolve around Monica’s hair and whether or not she’s going to leave The Supremes (because the Barbados humidity made it poofy, get it?). This one also sets up the “Rachel and Joey try dating” story arc, which never really seemed quite right.207\. The One with Joey's Bag – Season five, episode 13Every time Friends makes a joke about masculinity (Joey wears a shoulder bag! Surely he must be a woman!), an angel loses its wings.206. The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin – Season seven, episode 19I could have lived without watching almost the entire Friends cast oggle Denise Richards for the better part of an episode. Meanwhile, Joey’s attempt to conceal the fact that he’s circumcised (for a role in which he has a full-frontal nude scene) with Monica’s help is one of the most bizarre storylines in the history of the show.205\. The One Where Chandler Gets Caught – Season 10, episode 10Surely, Chandler must get caught doing something interesting, if his antics deserve to be turned into the episode’s title? Well, no. He’s consulting with a broker because he and Monica have decided to move away from the city to raise their children in the suburbs. Fair enough, but 1) the way they unexpectedly break the news to their friends feels like a bit of a betrayal, and 2) before their announcement, the episodes goes through a whole sequence of flashbacks commemorating Monica’s life in her Manhattan apartment. By now, you know the rule when it comes to flashbacks.204\. The One with the Apothecary Table – Season six, episode 11This episode was just one major advertisement for Pottery Barn, the California-based home furnishing chain. Rachel loves Pottery Barn, Phoebe (the most anti-capitalist of all six friends) doesn’t. Much product placement ensues. It's actually not a bad episode, but the Pottery Barn overload feels unsettling.203\. The One with All the Thanksgivings – Season five, episode eightSo many aspects of this episode are insulting to Monica, it’s hard to know where to begin. Over the course of 20 minutes, we are taken through the group’s past Thanksgivings, including some in the Eighties when Monica was younger and fatter. Courteney Cox is back in her fat suit, and as is customary on Friends, young Monica is portrayed in a pathetic light – lusting after Chandler, who clearly thinks he’s too good for her. When Monica overhears Chandler referring to her as Ross’s “fat sister”, she stops overeating – instead of, you know, telling him off. The next year, she shows off her slimmer figure in front of him, fuelling the “changing yourself for a man is the ultimate act of revenge” narrative. And after all that, she’s the one who has to make amends in the present day for accidentally chopping off one of Chandler’s toes back in the day (she dropped a knife). All I want to do is give young Monica a hug, recommend therapy sessions, and urge her to never, ever marry that jerk.202\. The One in Barbados, Part Two – Season nine, episode 24The jokes about Monica’s hair – specifically, about the cornrow braids she gets after her hair frizzes in the Barbadian humidity – have not aged particularly well.201\. The One with the Joke – Season six, episode 12Nothing fundamentally wrong here, but this whole episode just seems forgettable. Ross and Chandler argue over who came up with a joke printed in Playboy. Rachel takes offence with Phoebe’s claim that she’s a pushover. Joey is fired from Central Perk, then re-hired. You could remove this episode from the season and everything would pretty remain much the same.200\. The One with the Nap Partners – Season seven, episode sixIf Ross and Joey like to nap together, let them! Life’s too short to let a perfectly fine nap partner go to waste. Also, in this episode, Monica learns that Chandler once broke up with girlfriend because she had gained weight – and worries he’s going to do the same to her. Monica, if this is ever a concern, dump him. Just dump him.199\. The One with the Boob Job – Season nine, episode 16Chandler thinks Monica is contemplating getting a breast augmentation and sets out to convince her that he finds her perfect the way she is – which leads Monica to believe that Chandler is worried about her body changing if she ever gets pregnant. Honestly, can you blame her for misreading this one?198\. The One with Phoebe's Rats – Season nine, episode 12Phoebe and Mike take care of a litter of rats: OK. Joey is sad because he can’t make a move on Rachel and Ross’s “hot nanny” Molly: pretty offensive, and frankly repetitive at this point. Ross getting heartbroken after Rachel kisses someone else: again, we’ve been there so many times before.197\. The One with the Invitation – Season four, episode 21Definitely the most entertaining of all flashback episodes. In this one, Rachel has to decide whether or not she will attend Ross’s wedding to Emily in London. She ends up planning not to go, claiming that she must stay to look after Phoebe (who is pregnant with triplets and cannot fly) but, as flashbacks of her relationship with Ross make clear, it’s simply too painful for her to watch him marry someone else.196\. The One with the Halloween Party – Season eight, episode sixIt’s Halloween, and Ross dresses up as Spudnik (a cross between the Sputnik satellites and a spud). This makes up for the slightly lacklustre central plot that sees him armwrestling with Chandler to… impress the women in the room?195\. The One with All the Haste – Season four, episode 19Rachel and Monica finally get back their apartment (which they had lost to Chandler and Joey a few episodes ago). Ross proposes to his girlfriend Emily on a whim, leaving Rachel secretly brokenhearted – and laying the ground work for the emotional rollercoaster of his disastrous London wedding.194\. The One with Rachel's Big Kiss – Season seven, episode 20Rachel insists she once kissed her former sorority sister named Melissa (and played brilliantly by Winona Ryder). Phoebe doesn’t buy it, because she thinks Rachel is too “vanilla” to have kissed another woman. Joey, naturally, finds the whole thing very titillating. Ross, meanwhile, comments that “that makes two of my wives” – because his former spouse Carol is a lesbian, get it? It’s one of those episodes that hasn't really stood the test of time.193\. The One with the Butt – Season one, episode sixAt this stage of season one, Friends was still trying to figure out its own identity, and it shows. Joey hopes to get his big break in film (little does he know he’s going to have to wait for several more seasons), Chandler can’t cope with dating a woman who is also seeing other men, and Monica is a neat freak. The plot lines are a bit all over the place, and none is particularly satisfying.192\. The One with the Secret Closet – Season eight, episode 14OK, here’s the thing: most of Friends was at least pretty good, so we’re getting to the part of the ranking where some episodes end up towards the bottom simply because they're not as great as the rest. Here, the only interesting story arc is Rachel’s, who experiences Braxton Hicks contractions and relies on Joey’s support – leading Ross to realise he wants to be more present in Rachel’s life as she’s expecting their child. Other than that, Monica makes sexual noises when Phoebe massages her, and she also has a secret messy closet.191\. The One with the Football – Season three, episode nineWatching Ross and Monica compete for the Geller Cup (a made-up award from their childhood) is pretty cute. Watching Chandler and Joey compete for a woman, less so.190\. The One with Chandler's Work Laugh – Season five, episode 12Monica gets mad at Chandler for... wanting his boss to like him? Ross dates Janice? What’s going on here?189\. The One with Rachel's Crush – Season four, episode 13I had forgotten how terrible Chandler was at relationships early on in the show. This time, he’s mad because his girlfriend Kathy, an ACTOR, plays a prostitute in a play, which he finds too sexual. Then date an accountant and leave the poor woman alone?188\. The One with the Evil Orthodontist – Season one, episode 20Chandler desperately wants a woman to return his calls, then finds her needy when she finally comes to meet him in person. Joey tracks down a woman who was spying on the group from the opposite building. Rachel sleeps with her ex-fiancé Barry before realising she was right to leave him at the altar. Again, I don’t hate this episode with the fire of a thousand suns – it’s just not as good as the rest.187\. The One with Mrs Bing – Season one, episode 11Phoebe and Monica fight over… a man who has never met them and is now in a coma (by their own fault)? Ross makes out with… Chandler’s mother? Everything about this episode is a bit odd.186\. The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress – Season seven, episode 17Monica has to give up on her dream wedding dress so that she can book the band Chandler wants for their reception. Given everything that’s happened over the course of the previous seasons, one might question whether Chandler is really worth it, but OK, fair enough. Surprisingly, the better part of this episode revolves around Ross and Joey’s competition as they both decide to take the same woman out on two separate dates. Usually, I’m not a fan of the “woman as a competition prize” trope, but in this case, it’s diverted in a way that feels truly funny. (Hint: Joey attempts to sabotage Ross’s date, the two get into a screaming fight, the woman leaves, which those two don’t even notice until she’s gone and they’re left to eat dinner together.)185\. The One with the Bullies – Season two, episode 21Ross and Chandler realise that just because they’re adults doesn’t mean they’re done with playground bullies. Also, Phoebe goes to visit her biological father, with whom she doesn’t have a relationship. After accidentally running over the family’s dog, she finds out that her father has walked out on them too, but meets her half-brother Frank Jr – who, as we all know, will provide an interesting story arc for Phoebe in seasons to come.184\. The One where Rachel Goes Back to Work – Season nine, episode 11Look, it’s great that Friends tackled Rachel’s fears that she’s going to get unfairly pushed out of her job after going on maternity leave. But the man who fills in for her, Gavin, acts like a dismissive jerk for most of his on-screen time, and suddenly gets to emerge as a “really nice” guy just because he offers to babysit once? I don’t think so, Gavin.183\. The One with the Home Study – Season 10, episode sevenChandler and Monica panic after realising that the social worker who’s evaluating them as potential adoptive parents went on a date with Joey – and of course, he never called her back. Meanwhile, Rachel reveals to Ross that she’s terrified of swings (yes, the playground equipment). It’s all OK, but the episode never quite takes off.182\. The One with the Screamer – Season three, episode 22Rachel dates a man with anger issues. Joey’s co-star and girlfriend has to leave for LA. Phoebe tries to reach the customer service for her broken phone. It’s all pretty funny, but again, there are better episodes.181\. The One with the Flashback – Season three, episode sixThis is one of the nicer flashback episodes, mainly because it takes place not too long before the show’s pilot, giving us a better idea of how we got here. We get to see Joey become Chandler’s roommate and meet the rest of the group. It’s slightly strange to see the Central Perk as a bar (before it was turned into the iconic coffee house), and the whole episode has a definite quirky vibe – but quirky's nice sometimes.180\. The One with the Lottery – Season nine, episode 18This one belongs at the heart of the “not bad, but there are far better episodes” zone. The friends enter the lottery, and it’s pretty much a given that they’re not actually going to become millionaires – although what a plot twist that would be for the show’s penultimate season.179\. The One with the Fertility Test – Season nine, episode 21Chandler and Monica go to a fertility clinic. Chandler makes many jokes about having to ejaculate in a cup. Meanwhile, Joey tries and fails to impress his girlfriend Charlie by memorising information about various artworks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This episode is just fine. It’s just not laugh-out-loud funny or surprisingly moving, which so many episodes of Friends were.178\. The One with the Stain – Season eight, episode sevenMonica hires a maid, becomes convinced that she is stealing her clothes and tries to peek at the maid’s crotch to check on a potential tell-tale ink stain on a pair of jeans (which she thinks might be hers). Monica, are you OK?177\. The One with the Monkey – Season one, episode 10Phoebe meets David (her scientist boyfriend and also the one that got away because he went to Minsk to work on a research project), Rachel hangs out with her awful crush Paolo (who also happens to embody the stereotype of the promiscuous, womanising Italian), Monica invites her own boyfriend, Fun Bobby, whose backstory is never truly explained, and Ross adopts his monkey, Marcel. In other words, it's season one, and things are a bit messy.176. The One with the Hypnosis Tape – Season three, episode 18Monica starts seeing a millionaire named Pete who takes her to Rome (yes, Italy’s capital) on their first date. Phoebe’s brother Frank marries his home economics teacher and Phoebe is, understandably, a bit surprised – but ultimately accepts their relationship. This would be an unexpected but interesting episode if not for the story arc that sees Chandler using a hypnosis tape to quit smoking – except naturally, the tape is for women and Chandler starts acting in a more and more feminine way. Any storyline that involves Chandler and masculinity loses points. Those are the rules.175\. The One with the Boobies – Season one, episode 13Chandler accidentally walks in on a topless Rachel, and this is a sitcom, so instead of apologising and moving on, Rachel embarks on a quest to get back at Chandler by walking him on him while he’s naked – but ends up peeping on all the wrong people. Pretty cringey in real life, but funny in a work of fiction. Meanwhile, Joey struggles after finding out his father is having an affair, and Phoebe dates a psychiatrist.174\. The One with Joey's Award – Season seven, episode 18Monica momentarily panics when she realises that being engaged to Chandler means she will never experience the thrill of a new relationship. It’s a rather common trope, but refreshingly applied to a female character (men in fiction tend to have a monopoly on the fear of getting tied down to a single person for the rest of their lives). Meanwhile, Ross is involved in a pretty uncomfortable plot line in which several of his male students may or may not fake being in love with him, and may or may not fake being attracted to men, in order to improve their grades.173\. The One with the Jam – Season three, episode threeMonica tries to get over her break-up with Richard by making a lot of jam. Chandler, fool that he is, goes to Ross, of all people, for relationship advice. Oh, and Phoebe has a stalker.172\. The One with the Ball – Season five, episode 21Ross and Joey (and, later, Monica) realise they’ve been throwing a ball to each other for two hours without dropping it, and challenge themselves to keep the streak going for as long as possible. It’s one of those episodes where a sitcom takes something that could realistically happen in real life and escalates it to over-the-top heights – and the result here is pretty funny.171\. The One with the Dozen Lasagnes – Season one, episode 12Ah, yes, The One where Rachel’s Awful Boyfriend Paolo Stars Groping Everyone. An interesting idea, which would have been better conveyed if Paolo hadn’t been an offensive, sleazy-Italian-man stereotype.170\. The One with Rachel's Phone Number – Season nine, episode nineRoss, who at this point hasn’t been in a relationship with Rachel since season three, takes a message from a man Rachel met at a bar. And then doesn’t give her said message. It will come back to haunt him, and rightly so.169\. The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion – Season three, episode 24The whole “Monica dates a millionaire” plot was a bit bizarre – albeit not completely unrealistic for a sitcom set in New York, which gets regularly cited as one of the cities with the most millionaires in the world. It makes sense, then, that Monica’s relationship with millionaire Pete ended on a weird note: Pete decides he wants to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion and, being the dogged entrepreneur that he is, won’t stop until he succeeds, even if that means getting seriously harmed in several wrestling matches. Monica can’t bear seeing him get injured and breaks up with him. Strange, but points for originality.168\. The One with the Birthing Video – Season eight, episode 15Ross’s girlfriend Mona is getting understandably frustrated after he lies to her about Rachel (who at this point in the series is pregnant with his child) moving in with him. His efforts to somehow straddle his relationship with Mona and his involvement in Rachel’s life have disastrous, yet hilarious results.167\. The One After the Superbowl, Part One – Season two, episode 12Brooke Shields is amazing as Joey’s stalkerish fan Erika, who is unable to make a distinction between Joey and his character on Days of Our Lives, Dr Drake Ramoray. Plus, Ross’s quest to find his former pet Marcel, who has disappeared from the zoo Ross gave him up to, is actually quite funny.166\. The One Where Joey Tells Rachel – Season eight, episode 16The Rachel-and-Joey plot overall felt like a misfire, especially once these two actually got together, but still – Joey’s feelings for Rachel made for a nice bit of character development on his part. Sweet, conflicted Joey was much more interesting than season 10 Joey, who somehow grew from a goofy airhead to an actual idiot towards the end.165\. The One Where Monica Sings – Season nine, episode 13Ross brings a very nosy woman home, one thing leads to the next, and he and Rachel (who at this point are relatively new parents to Emma) realise they can’t keep living together. It was always pretty interesting to watch Ross and Rachel try to function as co-parents, and the show approached that storyline in a way that often felt honest and as realistic as possible in the land of sitcoms.164. The One Where No One Proposes – Season nine, episode oneRachel is trying to learn how to breastfeed her newborn daughter. She thinks Joey proposed to her but in fact he was just picking up the engagement ring that Ross was potentially, maybe going to consider giving her. Chandler and Monica are trying to conceive. That’s a lot to pack in a 20-minute episode, but somehow it works.163. The One with the Cake – Season 10, episode fourIt’s Emma’s first birthday, and everything goes wrong. None of Ross and Rachel’s friends want to celebrate (how kind of you, guys), Emma keeps napping, and her cake, which was supposed to be shaped like a bunny, ends up being modelled after male genitalia. Eventually, though, those issues get solved, and the sweet resolution feels earned.162. The One with the Ring – Season six, episode 23Phoebe helps Chandler pick an engagement ring for Monica, and she’s arguably the worst person for the job, which is what makes this episode so funny. Meanwhile, Rachel’s boyfriend Paul (aka Bruce Willis) starts showing more emotional vulnerability, only to end up shedding an endless stream of tears.161. The One with the Soap Opera Party – Season nine, episode 20This episode marks the arrival of Charlie Wheeler, aka Aisha Tyler, aka the first person of colour to become a regular cast member on Friends. Hurrah! But yes, it took the show nine seasons and practically a decade to get to that point. And even then, Charlie only remained for nine episodes.160\. The One with the Cooking Class – Season eight, episode 21Jennifer Aniston delivers a pretty amazing (funny and yet touching) performance as a pregnant Rachel who doesn’t want Ross to date anyone (but doesn't want to date him, either). Oh, and Monica, a professional chef, goes to a cooking class to heal her bruised ego after her restaurant gets a searing review.159\. The One Where Rachel Finds Out – Season one, episode 24Joey can’t have sex because he’s participating in a research study for which he needs to donate sperm, so he decides to focus on his partner’s pleasure exclusively. Imagine that! Of course, this only lasts as long as the study goes on.158\. The One with Ross's Library Book – Season seven, episode sevenRoss tries to prevent people from fooling around among the library stacks where his thesis is kept, while Rachel and Phoebe grow attached to a woman who was supposed to be Joey’s one-night-stand. And how nice is it to see Sex And the City’s Kristin Davis cross over into the Friends realm?157\. The One Where the Monkey Gets Away – Season one, episode 19Rachel lets Ross’s pet monkey escape, and the friends embark on a breathless quest to get him back, which involves a former bullied classmate who now works for Animal Control. Rachel’s ex-fiancé Barry also makes a comeback, claiming that he still loves her and cannot, in fact, marry Rachel’s friend Mindy. So much drama!156. The One with the Free Porn – Season four, episode 17Chandler and Joey get unlimited free porn (remember this was pre high-speed Internet) while flipping through the channels and resolve never to turn off their TV set again lest they lose access. It’s a silly, classic Chandler and Joey undertaking.155\. The One with Phoebe's Husband – Season two, episode fourPhoebe’s secret husband, an ice skater who she thought was gay, comes back into her life and asks for a divorce – as it turns out, he’s straight. His conversation with Phoebe is a rather clever reversal of oft-used LGBT character tropes (in college, Duncan would often wake up next to women after partying, etc).154\. The One with Russ – Season two, episode 10Freshly off a fight / semi-split with Ross (can you split if you weren’t really dating?) Rachel starts dating his clone, Russ (played by David Schwimmer under the alias Snaro). Of course, she insists she can’t see the resemblance. It's like watching Friends through the looking-glass.153\. The One Where Paul's the Man – Season six, episode 22And the award for most hilarious pep talk goes to... Bruce Willis, aka Paul-the-father-of-Ross’s-student-girlfriend, standing in front of a mirror and assuring himself that he is “the man”. 152\. The One Where Heckles Dies – Season two, episode threeFriends tackled the topic of death in various ways throughout the show, and it did so in quite a melancholic, touching way in this episode, which is dedicated to the friends’ largely unlikeable neighbour Mr Heckles.151\. The One with Joey's Dirty Day – Season four, episode 14Remember when Phoebe, Rachel and Monica tried to lift Chandler’s spirits after a break-up by taking him to a strip club (and convinced one of the performers to quit to teach the third grade)? Sure, the whole episode isn’t handled in the most subtle of ways, but it’s really quite funny.150\. The One with Princess Consuela – Season 10, episode 14When Phoebe finds out she can change her last name to anything she wants, she goes for Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock. And backs out when her new husband (the wonderfully deadpan Paul Rudd) threatens to take the name C**p Bag.149\. The One with Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss – Season five, episode 17Rachel’s awkward impulse to kiss her future boss on the cheek after what had been a successful job interview is the stuff of nightmares. And of course, it only gets worse from there.148. The One with All the Poker – Season one, episode 18A competitive game of poker among all six friends becomes a way for Rachel to get over a failed job interview, and for Chandler and Joey to get confirmation that Ross is desperately in love with her. But mostly, this is the episode that taught us that “coincidence” is “joincidence” spelled with a “j”.147\. The One Where Ross Can't Flirt – Season five, episode 19Ross really, really can’t flirt – just watch him order multiple pizzas while attempting to charm the delivery woman, Caitlin. There’s also a cute moment in which Phoebe somehow manages has a conversation in Italian with Joey’s grandmother.146\. The One with Rachel's Sister – Season six, episode 13Reese Witherspoon steals the show as Rachel’s spoiled sibling Jill – and offers a great bit of character development for Rachel, who gets to show just how far she has come since the beginning of the series.145\. The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath – Season eight, episode 13Joey’s feelings for Rachel create confusion in the group, Rachel accidentally finds out from Ross that they’re expecting a girl – but most importantly, Chandler realises he really likes taking baths, and Matthew Perry’s comedic talent shines.144\. The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner – Season nine, episode fivePhoebe is understandably frustrated when all of her friends are absurdly late for her birthday dinner. Lisa Kudrow beautifully pulls off one of Phoebe’s rare but powerful fits of rage.143\. The One where Monica and Richard are Just Friends – Season three, episode 13Thanks to Rachel, Joey falls in love with Little Women (as he should), but is heartbroken to find out that Beth dies. On a less intellectual note, Phoebe’s new date, Robert, keeps “coming out of his shorts” and accidentally exposing himself.142\. The One with the Tea Leaves – Season eight, episode 17In an attempt to avoid further awkwardness with Joey, Rachel makes up absurd workplace issues and tells him her boss wants to buy her baby. But the funniest bit comes when Ross attempts to secretly retrieve his beloved salmon pink shirt from his ex-girlfriend Mona’s apartment, and of course ends up getting caught.141\. The One with the Dollhouse – Season three, episode 20Joey falls hard for his co-star Kate, who at first doesn’t like him back. Eventually, they get together, and as their romance escalates, Joey realises how poorly he has acted towards most of his exes – so he calls them to make amends. Meanwhile, Chandler stars dating Rachel’s boss Joanna and can’t bring himself to stop suggesting another date, even though he finds her impossibly dull.140\. The One with the Birth Mother – Season 10, episode nineUnpopular opinion: I never found the “Joey doesn’t share food!” moment all that funny. I know, I know. However, Chandler’s monologue when he begs a pregnant woman to pick him and Monica as her child’s adoptive parents packs a surprising emotional punch – a major change of tone pulled off brilliantly by Matthew Perry.139\. The One with the Late Thanksgiving – Season 10, episode eightMonica agrees to make dinner for the whole group, but everyone shows up late. Joey gets his head stuck in a door. A large mess ensues. But none of this matters, because Monica and Chandler get a call from their adoption agency telling them a woman has chosen them to be the parents of her baby.138\. The One with the Donor – Season nine, episode 22Monica and Chandler find out they can’t conceive a child and resolve to adopt. Phoebe goes out with her long-lost love David, seemingly moving on from Mike! Joey’s girlfriend Charlie overhears Rachel confess her feelings for said Joey to Phoebe. All in all, this is one of the better episodes of season 10.137\. The One Where the Stripper Cries – Season 10, episode 11Danny DeVito is simply unforgettable in his role as a balding, out-of-shape, yet perfectly competent stripper going by the name Officer Goodbody. And when Phoebe asks him to do his last performance for her, she gets the show of a lifetime.136\. The One with Ross’s Teeth – Season six, episode eightRemember when Ross whitened his teeth before a date, and they ended up really, really white? This is one of those goofy, absurdly funny lines that sticks the landing.135\. The One with All the Candy – Season seven, episode nineRoss gives Phoebe a bike, then teaches her to ride it – under the scornful gaze of judgemental parents at the park. The whole thing is genuinely touching and very funny.134\. The One with Rachel's Date – Season eight, episode fivePhoebe begins to date Monica’s sous-chef, then wants to break up with him – but Monica also wants to fire him. Both agree that said sous-chef shouldn’t be dumped and fired on the same day, but neither wants to wait. Hilarity ensues.133\. The One with Monica's Thunder – Season seven, episode oneMonica and Chandler just got engaged! Rachel and Ross kissed in the hallway! Monica is thus convinced that Rachel wants to steal her thunder on this glorious day! Rachel and Ross’s dialogue as they pretend to sleep together (as part of Rachel’s elaborate plan to get on Monica’s nerves) is laugh-out-loud funny.132\. The One with Joey's New Girlfriend – Season four, episode fiveRoss and Rachel try to make each other jealous by dating, respectively, a woman who is looking for a baby sitter rather than a boyfriend, and a thief. A good reminder that these two had amazing chemistry as angry exes. Chandler tries to mask his growing feelings for Joey’s girlfriend, Kathy – and Matthew Perry delivers a wonderfully impassioned monologue about how much he loves her.131\. The One Where Joey Moves Out – Season two, episode 16As the title suggests, Joey moves out of the apartment he shared with Chandler, as the two struggle to cohabit. It was always sad to see these two fight, but it made for good, rather genuine television. Phoebe and Rachel’s experience at a tattoo parlour (Rachel gets a heart tattooed on her hip while Phoebe stops the process after getting just a dot underneath her clavicle) provides great comic relief.130\. The One at the Beach – Season three, episode 25Phoebe tries to find her birth mother in Montauk, and things get atrociously jumbled as Ross attempts to choose between staying with his girlfriend Bonnie or going back with Rachel. All in all, this is a good, eventful season finale.129\. The One Where They All Turn 30 – Season seven, episode 14Rachel has trouble coping with the fact that she’s turning 30, prompting the whole group to reminisce about their own past birthdays. We learn that when Ross turned 30, he bought a ridiculous sports car that became stuck between two other parked vehicles. In a flashback sequence, Ross repeatedly instructs his friends to “lift and slide” the car in an attempt to un-wedge it – in a sequence reminiscent of his classic “Pivot!”.128\. The One with the Yeti – Season five, episode sixEmily, who is still recovering from Ross’s infamous “Rachel” slip at the altar, asks him to sell his furniture and move to a new apartment as they attempt to rekindle their relationship. As her demands escalate, Ross realises she will never trust him again, and the two decide to split for good – finally.127\. The One Where Eddie Won't Go – Season two, episode 19Remember Eddie, Chandler’s extremely strange roommate played (brilliantly) by Adam Goldberg? He was so weird. And so very funny.126\. The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel – Season six, episode twoRachel is trying to get Ross to annul their union after they drunkenly got married in Las Vegas. Ross is reluctant to do so because he doesn’t want a third failed marriage to his name, and because – as it turns out – he still has feelings for Rachel. Rachel, meanwhile, must accept the fact that her roommate Monica is going to move in with Chandler, and come to terms with the fact that “it’s the end of an era”.125\. The One with Christmas in Tulsa – Season nine, episode 10Chandler, who has accidentally accepted a job transfer to Tulsa, Oklahoma, spends the lousiest Christmas ever in his office. One of his coworkers starts flirting with him, prompting him to realise how much he misses his wife Monica – and to hand in his resignation, in a rather satisfying mini plot twist.124\. The One with Two Parts, Part One – Season one, episode 16Seeing Joey date Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula will always feel strange, but the storyline plays out nicely, and it gives a deeper look into Phoebe and Joey’s friendship – one of the sweetest bonds among the group.123\. The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits – Season 10, episode fiveJoey attempts to write a letter of recommendation for Chandler and Monica’s adoption case, overuses his thesaurus, and ends up writing it in his own words – aka, like a child. Mike is desperate to pop the question to Phoebe, who keeps unknowingly mocking his repeated proposal attempts before they happen.122\. The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss – Season 10, episode oneMonica, Chandler and Phoebe team up to eavesdrop both on Charlie and Ross (who just got together) and Rachel and Joey (ditto). The episode even takes on vaudeville undertones after Chandler pulls Joey out of Rachel’s room unbeknownst to a puzzled Rachel and an oblivious Ross.121\. The One with the Candy Hearts – Season one, episode 14Carol, pregnant with Ben, ends up alone at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day after Susan needs to leave to tend to an emergency. Ross, who happens to be seated close to her (and is on a date of his own) tells her to come over. The evening devolves into a last-ditch effort for Ross to get his ex-wife back – until he finally accepts that they will never reunite. Monica, Phoebe and Rachel stage a “boyfriend bonfire” (in which they burn memories of their respective exes) and bond with firefighters after the blaze gets out of hand.120\. The One with Rachel's Dream – Season nine, episode 19Ross and Chandler end up going together on a romantic weekend to Vermont (it’s a long story) and in an attempt to pay themselves back for the price of their room, embark on a quest to collect as many freebies as possible. And of course, Ross eats too many pieces of maple candy, which is a golden opportunity for David Schwimmer to pull off his “hyper Ross” performance.119. The One Where Old Yeller Dies – Season two, episode 20Phoebe’s shocked when she realises her mother shielded her from most sad movie endings throughout her childhood – and starts catching up on her pop-culture education. Ross causes (his then-girlfriend) Rachel to panic when he tells her he’s already mapped out their future as parents in the suburbs. Their argument ends with possibly the most angsty first “I love you” in the history of television.118\. The One with Ross's Denial – Season six, episode threeYes, it was fun to watch an enamoured Ross make one bad decision after the next while refusing to admit to himself that he was still madly in love with Rachel – and at this point in the show, he still hadn’t told Rachel that he had failed to get their Las Vegas marriage annulled.117\. The One with the Stoned Guy – Season one, episode 15Monica desperately wants to impress the owner of a restaurant she’s hoping will hire her as a chef, but he’s high and more interested in plain taco shells and gummy bears than her gourmet cuisine. Oh, and Ross’s date urges him to talk dirty to her, resulting in him blurting out the word “vulva”.116\. The One Where They're Up All Night – Season seven, episode 12The title says it all: for a variety of reasons, no one can get a good night’s sleep. Ross and Joey are stuck on the roof, Tag and Rachel are caught up in a work-related argument, Chandler has insomnia and won’t let Monica sleep, and – the funniest of all – Phoebe’s fire alarm keeps beeping for no apparent reason.115. The One with Ross's Step Forward / The One with The Creepy Holiday Card – Season eight, episode 11Ross freaks out when his girlfriend Mona suggests they send a holiday card together and, in an attempt to avoid a difficult conversation, gives her a key (the only key) to his apartment. Classic Ross.114\. The One with Ross's Inappropriate Song – Season nine, episode sevenNew parents Ross and Rachel discover that the only way to get their baby daughter to laugh is to rap “Baby Got Back”, Sir Mix-A-Lot’s not exactly child-friendly hit. So what to they do? They rap. Poorly, inappropriately, and hilariously.113\. The One with the Fake Monica – Season one, episode 21This one is so weird, yet so interesting. When Monica’s credit card gets stolen, she catches the thief – who turns out to be a woman with a very fun, very criminal life. Her one-episode friendship with the real Monica is surprisingly touching, and it also helps Monica accept herself for who she is.112\. The One Where Rosita Dies – Season seven, episode 13Rosita, aka Joey’s reclining armchair, meets her untimely demise. Rachel buys him a new one, but Chandler, who thinks he’s responsible for the tragedy, replaces Rosita with his own chair, leading to some confusion on Joey’s part. All this is pretty entertaining, but nowhere near as interesting as Phoebe’s attempt to keep an office worker named Earl from taking his own life. Their exchange is full of dark humour, and it's always interesting to see Phoebe – quirky, fun Phoebe – manage a high-stakes situation.111\. The One Where Eddie Moves In – Season two, episode 17Remember when Phoebe shot a music video for “Smelly Cat” and wasn’t even sad when she realised her voice had been replaced by another woman’s? Fun times.110\. The One with Rachel's Book – Season seven, episode twoJoey finds Rachel’s erotic book and tries to make fun of her for it, but seems to be confused as to the meaning of the word “vicar”. And look, after seven seasons of the guys’ monopoly on porn, it was nice to see a female character (especially prim and proper Rachel) getting in on the fun.109\. The One Where Rachel Smokes – Season five, episode 18Rachel worries that her status as a non-smoker means she’s getting excluded from important conversations at work – a delightfully Nineties concern. Also, Phoebe (who is arranging a surprise birthday party with Monica) pronounces the sentence: “Monica is going to rue the day that she put me in charge of cups and ice”, which is just epic.108\. The One with Ross's Wedding, Part One – Season four, episode 23All the friends except a very pregnant Phoebe fly to London, where Ross is about to marry Emily – and find out the venue is getting torn down. Joey, who is initially incredibly excited to visit the English capital, ends up feeling comically homesick after one phone call to New York.107\. The One with George Stephanopoulos – Season one, episode fourMonica, Phoebe and Rachel are having the most depressing slumber party in history until they find out that their pizza has been accidentally delivered to George Stephanopoulos – and proceed to try to spy on the TV star. Oh, to be young in the Nineties in New York City.106\. The One Where Rachel Quits – Season three, episode 10Rachel quits her job as a waitress in search of a better career path. By the end of the episode, she has a new gig, which mainly consists of making coffee for her boss. Still, it’s her first job in fashion – and the first step in Rachel’s series-long path to success.105\. The One with Rachel's Other Sister – Season nine, episode eightReese Witherspoon couldn’t return as Rachel’s sibling Jill, so Christina Applegate was cast as her “other sister” – and did a remarkable job at bringing the insufferable, tactless Amy to life. This time around, Amy manages to get invited to Thanksgiving dinner with the group and has the gall to get outraged when she learns that, should Rachel and Ross die, she wouldn’t “get” their daughter Emma – whom she keeps calling the wrong name.104\. The One After the Superbowl, Part Two – Season two, episode 13This one was odd but fun – and it just screams Nineties nostalgia. By its second season, Friends was popular enough to attract some high-profile guest stars. Hence, Rachel and Monica fight over Jean-Claude Van Damme (I know, awwww) and Chandler goes out with a former schoolmate played by Julia Roberts. Delightful.103\. The One with the Proposal, Part One – Season six, episode 24Sure. Chandler’s plans to propose to Monica are very touching, but this episode’s real * chef kiss * moment happens when Ross’s student / girlfriend, Elizabeth, bombards him with water balloons after he breaks up with her. You GO, Elizabeth.102\. The One with the Prom Video – Season two, episode 14Any sequence in which the friends are seen during their college years is headed straight to Cringeville (hello, Courteney Cox in a fat suit). Only redeeming moment: when Rachel realises that many years ago, Ross was ready to step in after her prom date had apparently failed to show up. Thus, Ross and Rachel, who had sort of got together but not really, kiss again, and one of network television’s most iconic couples is reborn for good.101\. The One with Ross's Thing – Season three, episode 23Ross has a thing on his backside. Is it a mole? Is it a cyst? No one seems to know! Only one thing is certain: Ross’s attempts to find out will be increasingly humiliating.100\. The One Where Rachel Is Late – Season eight, episode 22Rachel is late. Late for what, you ask? To give birth, of course! She’s exhausted and justifiably cranky as her pregnancy continues past its term. A reminder if needed of Jennifer Aniston’s comedic talent.99\. The One with Rachel’s Going-Away Party – Season 10, episode 16What a tearjerker. Rachel is preparing to leave New York for Paris, Chandler and Monica are about to move to the suburbs, and the series is nearing its end. The scenes in which Rachel bids goodbye to Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are lovely – and at the time they aired, they must have provided some catharsis to heartbroken fans bidding the show farewell. After all this, of course, Ross and Rachel argue, then kiss – and set up the finale perfectly.98\. The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding, Part One – Season seven, episode 23Friends had such a knack for wedding episodes. Monica and Chandler’s nuptials were especially lovely, not just thanks to the lovely couple, but also because the writers made sure to include interesting storylines in addition to the wedding itself. Here, we not only get to watch Chandler and Monica preparing to tie the knot (cute! And a bit stressful when Chandler goes missing) but we also find out – gasp! – that one of the friends is pregnant.97\. The One Where Ross Moves In – Season five, episode sevenRoss moves in with Chandler and Joey – and turns out to be the most insufferable roommate in the world. Phoebe dates an over-eager restaurant inspector, and Rachel, desperate for her new neighbour Danny to ask her out, proves surprisingly inept at playing it cool. It’s a fun, lovely little Friends episode, where nothing major happens except for about 20 minutes of perfectly enjoyable television.96\. The One Where Chandler Can't Cry – Season six, episode 14Remember when Ross briefly dated Rachel’s sister Jill? That was weird, right? Weird but interesting. Meanwhile, Phoebe finds out that her identical twin sister Ursula is starring in pornographic films and using her name – and handles the situation with her usual panache.95\. The One with the Kips – Season five, episode fiveChandler and Monica have their first fight as a couple – and Chandler is flabbergasted to learn that this doesn’t signify the end of their relationship. A worthwhile lesson for every couple: it’s OK to argue! Speaking of which, Ross’s wife Emily asks Ross not to see Rachel anymore, after he accidentally said her name at the altar.94\. The One Where Phoebe Runs – Season six, episode sevenSometimes, to write a page of TV history, you need to resort to hi-jinks and / or an abundance of dramatic tension. Other times, you can just have Phoebe Buffay run in a rather… unique way in Central Park.93\. The One Where Joey Dates Rachel – Season eight, episode 12Joey takes a pregnant Rachel out on a date, because she misses that part of her social life. It’s all very cute, although it foreshadows Joey’s forever-kind-of-uncomfortable crush on Rachel. The best part, though, comes when Ross desperately tries to hold on to a new teaching slot, even though it takes place “across town”, aka on the other side of Manhattan. After several desperate attempts to cross the sizeable borough in 10 minutes (one of which results in him fainting), he winds up teaching on rollerblades.92\. The One with Two Parts, Part Two – Season one, episode 17George Clooney and Noah Wyle make a cameo as two doctors treating Rachel after she hurts her ankle. It’s an ER / Friends crossover, in the mid-Nineties, back when both shows were in their infancy. Things don’t get much better than this.91\. The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy – Season three, episode oneMonica is so devastated after her break-up from Richard that she can’t sleep – until her father Jack drops by and tells her that Richard, too, is a wreck. Somehow, Monica’s story arc turns from painfully raw to very sweet in a matter of 20 minutes. And that, my friend, is what they call quality television.90\. The One with the Worst Best Man Ever – Season four, episode 22Joey might be the worst best man in the history of matrimony, but Phoebe steals the show as the funniest, angriest pregnant woman who keeps snapping at her friends – all while denying she’s having mood swings. Just watch her yell at the crowd during her baby shower.89\. The One with the Sharks – Season nine, episode fourAfter telling Phoebe’s boyfriend Mike that Phoebe has never had a serious relationship, Ross tries to fix his mistake – by posing as her super serious (and extremely fictional) ex Vikram, a kite designer.88\. The One with the Baby Shower – Season eight, episode 20Rachel becomes convinced she won’t manage to take care of her baby by herself and welcomes her mother’s offer to move in with her after the birth. Ross, however, steps in, and Rachel realises that 1) she won’t raise the baby alone as he will be there, and 2) she is absolutely capable of taking care of a child. It’s easy to forget, among all the jokes and the usual sitcom bells and whistles, how much Rachel grew as a character over the course of 10 seasons – and this episode serves as a useful reminder.87\. The One Where They're Going to Party! – Season four, episode nineAfter learning that her own boss, Joanna, sabotaged her application for a position as assistant buyer because she doesn’t want to lose her as a PA, Rachel is promised a significant promotion. Sadly, Joanna dies before any paperwork could go through to make the changes official – meaning Rachel is back to square one. Rachel always had to battle to advance her career, but this particular setback was… unexpected, to say the least.86. The One in Massapequa / The One with the Zesty Guy – Season eight, episode 18Alec Baldwin is simply fantastic as Phoebe’s super! cheerful! boyfriend Parker. Initially, Phoebe tries to embrace his joie de vivre, until she snaps and equates him to “Santa Claus on Prozac at Disneyland, getting laid”. What a diss.85\. The One with the Paediatrician – Season nine, episode threeRachel (and, soon after, the rest of the friends) discover that Ross is still seeing his childhood paediatrician, much to the group’s delight. More importantly, Joey agrees to go on a double date with Phoebe, forgets to find a proper guy for her, and ends up bringing the first Mike he can find at Central Perk. Enter Mike Hannigan, who will become Phoebe’s husband many episodes later.84\. The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS – Season five, episode fourPhoebe and Joey have an impossible debate about whether it’s possible to do charity work entirely for selfless reasons. Meanwhile, Ross tries to make one of the most important decisions of his life (does he move to London in an attempt to mend his relationship with Emily?) with the help of a… Magic 8 ball.83\. The One on the Last Night – Season six, episode sixIt’s the last night before Rachel moves out of Monica’s apartment to make room for Chandler. Rachel and Monica keep fighting with each other, which turns out to really be a way for them not to acknowledge how sad they are. On the other side of the corridor, Chandler invents a game (“Cups”) to give Joey some cash, as he believes that Joey won’t be able to cope financially without his roommate. Adorable.82\. The One with a Chick and a Duck – Season three, episode 21The chick and the duck, Joey and Chandler’s iconic pets, make their entrance. Ross gets picked to feature on a panel on the Discovery Channel, but after Rachel injures her ribs, he gives up on his TV appearance (without telling her) to take her to the hospital. The sweet moment comes as definite proof that their friendship is on the mend, several episodes after their dramatic break-up.81\. The One with the Blind Dates – Season nine, episode 14Joey and Phoebe conspire to set up Ross and Rachel on terrible blind dates. The funniest bit of the episode occurs on Rachel’s rendez-vous, during which he man named Steve complains about “doing something he hates for no money” and being “funny-looking” – but not actually funny. Jon Lovitz, who plays Steve, has impeccable delivery and comedic timing.80\. The One with Ross's Grant – Season 10, episode sixRoss is in the running for a highly desirable academic grant, but the man deciding whether or not he will get it happens to be Ross’s girlfriend’s ex, who really wants to get back together with
Is it just us, or are you seeing double too when you look at Courteney Cox's daughter Coco Arquette wore her dress from 21 years ago in a throwback? Cox posted the sweet photo of her and her mini-me on Tuesday, missing the TBT window but nonetheless delighting us with a look from her past. […]
Courteney Cox posted the most epic throwback pic of the "Friends" cast before the show aired and became a pop culture juggernaut, and could we BE anymore nostalgic?
Courteney Cox shares Friends cast throwback photo taken before the show aired
Jennifer Aniston
It truly warms our hearts to know that 15 years after the series finale aired, the Friends cast still seems pretty tight IRL.
Courteney Cox posted a throwback photo Thursday of her and her former “Friends” castmates huddled together on what looks like a private plane.
Friends Cast Was Uncomfortable with Joey-Rachel Romance
While the Friends cast and creators have made it clear the chances of a reboot are extremely slim, there are some fans holding out hope that the gang will reunite for a movie. But Lisa Kudrow apparently doesn’t think anyone should hold their breath.
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Jennifer Aniston tells story of Friends cast's prefame Las Vegas trip
The actor joked he was getting a manicure.
Lisa Kudrow will always be known to Friends fans as her alter-ego, Phoebe Buffay, with her trademark long, blonde hair. But the actress didn't always look like this. To mark Father's Day, Lisa shared an incredible throwback photo of herself standing in the middle of her mum and dad at their family home, where she was sporting wavy, brunette hair. The picture was taken when Lisa was a teenager, and fans were quick to comment on it after Lisa uploaded it on Instagram. "I would have sworn you were a natural blonde," one surprised follower wrote, while another said: "You're a brunette!" A third added: "Wait, you're not blonde?"Lisa Kudrow is a natural brunette - and many fans were shocked to find this out!The actress has been hitting headlines a lot at the moment, with many fans desperate for some kind of Friends reunion to happen to mark the show's 25th anniversary this year. Over the weekend, Lisa reunited with her co-stars Jennifer Anniston and Courteney Cox to celebrate Courteney's 55th birthday. The actress shared a photo of the trio on her Instagram account, and wrote in the caption: "How lucky am I to celebrate my birthday with these two??? I love you girls. So much." Liked more than one million times, the picture prompted an outpouring of well wishes from fans of the show - including some famous faces! "What a great gift!!" wrote actress Reese Witherspoon, while The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco added: "This is so epic."MORE: Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart are expanding their family in the sweetest wayLisa recently reunited with her Friends co-stars Jennifer Anniston and Courteney CoxJennifer has been the latest star of the show to speak out about a possible reunion. During an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show, the Rachel Green actress said that "anything could happen" when it came to a Friends reboot. "Why not? You know what, because, listen, I told you this. I would do it. The girls would do it. And the boys would do it. I'm sure. Listen, anything could happen," she said.READ: The surprise royals who will attend Ascot this yearLisa has also been vocal about the possibility, admitting that she was game if it was organised. Talking to Extra TV, she said: "Courteney and Jennifer are good planners. I'm that annoying person that's like 'Hey do either one of you want to put that together?' My role is like, here's an idea and have someone do it." Other stars of the show were Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.Like this story? Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.
Lisa Kudrow will always be known to Friends fans as her alter-ego, Phoebe Buffay, with her trademark long, blonde hair. But the actress didn't always look like this. To mark Father's Day, Lisa shared an incredible throwback photo of herself standing in the middle of her mum and dad at their family home, where she was sporting wavy, brunette hair. The picture was taken when Lisa was a teenager, and fans were quick to comment on it after Lisa uploaded it on Instagram. "I would have sworn you were a natural blonde," one surprised follower wrote, while another said: "You're a brunette!" A third added: "Wait, you're not blonde?"Lisa Kudrow is a natural brunette - and many fans were shocked to find this out!The actress has been hitting headlines a lot at the moment, with many fans desperate for some kind of Friends reunion to happen to mark the show's 25th anniversary this year. Over the weekend, Lisa reunited with her co-stars Jennifer Anniston and Courteney Cox to celebrate Courteney's 55th birthday. The actress shared a photo of the trio on her Instagram account, and wrote in the caption: "How lucky am I to celebrate my birthday with these two??? I love you girls. So much." Liked more than one million times, the picture prompted an outpouring of well wishes from fans of the show - including some famous faces! "What a great gift!!" wrote actress Reese Witherspoon, while The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco added: "This is so epic."MORE: Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart are expanding their family in the sweetest wayLisa recently reunited with her Friends co-stars Jennifer Anniston and Courteney CoxJennifer has been the latest star of the show to speak out about a possible reunion. During an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show, the Rachel Green actress said that "anything could happen" when it came to a Friends reboot. "Why not? You know what, because, listen, I told you this. I would do it. The girls would do it. And the boys would do it. I'm sure. Listen, anything could happen," she said.READ: The surprise royals who will attend Ascot this yearLisa has also been vocal about the possibility, admitting that she was game if it was organised. Talking to Extra TV, she said: "Courteney and Jennifer are good planners. I'm that annoying person that's like 'Hey do either one of you want to put that together?' My role is like, here's an idea and have someone do it." Other stars of the show were Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.Like this story? Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.

Matt LeBlanc visits Matthew Perry backstage after a performance of 'The End Of Longing', Matthew's playwriting debut, at the Playhouse Theatre in London.

Lisa supports Joey at the season two premiere of his award-winning show Episodes in West Hollywood.

Matt and Courtney Cox present onstage at the Writers Guild Awards in LA.

The guy who made F.R.I.E.N.D.S. most endearing turns 51 today. Happy birthday, Matt Le Blanc. 

Friends ended an astonishing fourteen years ago, yet we're still obsessed.

This was recently evident by the mass freak-out that ensued when viewers thought Netflix was going to cancel the TV show in 2019. Don't worry, they're not.

Ever since the show ended in May 2004, the possibility of a reunion has been dangled in front of us - with different cast mates saying different things - leaving us devoted fans of the show just sat here refusing to give us hope.

So, in the meantime, let's enjoy these photos of all the times Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Matt Le Blanc have reunited in some form or another, which mostly involves supporting each other at various individual projects. Which is heartwarming <3

…David Schwimmer (Ross)…

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - 2019/05/12: Actor David Schwimmer, one of the citation readers seen during the Virgin Media BAFTA Television Awards 2019 - Press Room at The Royal Festival Hall. (Photo by Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 12: David Schwimmer attends the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards 2019 at The Royal Festival Hall on May 12, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

He told Fallon he had been soured by his first experience of being a series regular on a sitcom and had left Los Angeles for Chicago to do theatre work.

When his agent first told him about the Friends role, Schwimmer said he was not interested, until he heard from the show's co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane.

He had auditioned for the pair for a role on a different comedy that was later cancelled, though he made enough of an impression that they wrote the part of Ross with Schwimmer in mind.

That convinced him to take the role, he told Fallon.

Schwimmer also revealed one of the most common things fans say to him in the street is "you were on a break," a reference to the contentious break-up of Friends characters Ross and Rachel.

Asked his opinion on if the couple were together when Ross cheated, Schwimmer deadpanned: "Yes, it's not even a question, they were on a break."

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