Stacey Solomon reveals Joe Swash slept in the shed after he was locked out

Stacey Solomon has revealed her partner Joe Swash had to sleep in the shed after she accidentally locked him out.

The Loose Women star said Swash went out for the night to celebrate his sister’s 30th birthday and she assumed he was sleeping over with friends or family.

In between giggles, Solomon explained in an Instagram video that instead he came home and was unable to get in the house so slept in the garden.

(Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

She wrote: “I just had the shock of my life as Joe came up to the garden door banging for me to let him in… I thought he’d stayed out last night because it was the first time he’d been out since before lockdown.

“Turns out he came home and couldn’t get in the house because I’d locked up and we were all asleep so he slept in the shed.

“I can’t cope. He drank from the hose.”

(Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

She later added: “He’s so hungover and it’s bringing me joy.

“Now he’s worrying about what he could have caught from drinking from the hose.”

(Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

He can be heard saying: “I would probably be feeling a lot better if I didn’t sleep in the shed, which I know you let me on purpose and I had to drink out of the hose.”

The couple have been together and share a son, Rex.

Solomon also has two other sons from previous relationships.

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