Mark Wright reveals best thing about lockdown life with Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright has said the best thing about lockdown has been spending time with his wife Michelle Keegan.

The former Only Way Is Essex star and the actress are frequently apart because of work and Wright said he has appreciated the chance to spend time together.

He told Hello!: “I always like to find a positive in life, and the positive I would take from all the negative in the world right now is that me and Michelle got to spend time together doing normal things that you are supposed to do.

“It has been a great time for us on a personal level.”

Mark Wright qualified as a personal trainer (Hello!/PA)

Wright, who qualified as a personal trainer just before lockdown, said he found isolation difficult at first but his love of fitness helped him through.

He said: “I found it tough at the beginning, massively. When I train I feel amazing mentally.

“But when all this started I didn’t work out for over two weeks. I thought if I tell everyone I’m going to do an Instagram Live workout at 9am every day then I’ve got to get up.

“Mentally I am now in the best place I have ever been in my life.”

Mark Wright in Hello!

The full interview is in Hello!, out now.

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