David Tennant, Matt Smith and Jodie Whittaker in online Doctor Who reunion

Doctor Who stars David Tennant, Matt Smith and Jodie Whittaker have come together to share their experiences and memories of the long-running show.

The Tenth, Eleventh and Thirteenth incarnations of The Doctor took part in a joint online interview to mark series one to 11 becoming available on the HBO Max streaming service.

Tennant, 49, recalled the pressures of taking on the role in 2005.

Jodie Whittaker comments
Jodie Whittaker (Ian West/PA)

He said: “I think growing up in Britain you’re very aware Doctor Who has been ubiquitous for all of our lives.

“Even when it wasn’t on TV, it was still one of those sort of cultural things.

“When you realise it’s your turn, you do know what that means in terms of a loss of anonymity and the fact that the first line of your obituary has almost certainly been written.

“But it’s a huge privilege and also feels very precious, because people love it so much and carry it with them throughout their lives.

“To be the custodian of that, you just don’t want to break it.”

The Crown Season 2 Premiere – London
Matt Smith (Ian West/PA)

Smith, 37, admitted to being followed by his one-time catchphrase of “Geronimo”.

He also said the companion of a fellow Doctor he would have loved to appear alongside was Rose Tyler, because actress Billie Piper was a “best pal” of his.

Smith also admitted to missing the show’s Christmas specials, with Tennant echoing the thought.

Whittaker, 38, said she was constantly moved by the young women who had been inspired by her casting as the first female Doctor.

However, she recalled meeting a young female fan in a cafe after she was announced, who told that she had “really wanted Ben Whishaw”.

Whittaker also revealed the title of the upcoming Christmas special as Revolution Of The Daleks.

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