Dr Michael Mosley to help people lose lockdown weight in Channel 4 show

Dr Michael Mosley is to help people who have piled on the pounds in lockdown in a new TV show.

The 63-year-old doctor and broadcaster is fronting a three-part series for Channel 4.

Six people, who all struggled to maintain their health and fitness under lockdown, will take part in a 21-day experiment to try to improve their health and lose weight.

Dr Mosley said: “My hope is this series offers people practical advice to overhaul their lifestyles in what has been an anxiety-inducing time for most.

“Using cutting-edge science, I want to give people the confidence and knowledge to safely lose excess weight, boost their immunity and improve their overall health.”

Commissioning editor Adam Vandermark said: “Michael Mosley’s expertise on all things health-related is exactly what we need to help us in these difficult times.

“Plus, if you’ve succumbed to what’s become known as ‘Quarantine 15’ (the number of pounds many of us believe we’ve put on during lockdown) then he is the man to get you back on track.”

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