Jim Broadbent and Phyllis Logan feature in charity video about dementia carers

Jim Broadbent, Phyllis Logan and Georgia Kousoulou have appeared in a charity video which aims to raise awareness about the difficulties faced by dementia carers.

The Dementia UK clip focuses on “the lockdown which dementia carers face on an ongoing basis, not just during the coronavirus pandemic”, the organisation said in a statement.

The film sees actors Broadbent and Logan, The Only Way Is Essex star Kousoulou, musician Naughty Boy and runner Adelle Tracey discuss what they miss about life before the lockdown.

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Phyllis Logan appears in the video (Ian West/PA)

Broadbent said: “I think lockdown heightens the predicament of carers of people with dementia for all of us and makes us more aware of what the carers go through an awful lot of the time, year after year.”

He added that the charity provides a “vital service”.

The video, which also features contributions from carers and Dementia UK staff, is part of the charity’s Lives On Hold campaign.

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Georgia Kousoulou is one of the celebrity backers of the campaign (Ian West/PA)

Dementia UK chief executive Dr Hilda Hayo said: “Families with dementia were in a challenging situation even before the pandemic.

“However their issues have now been compounded – daycare centres have closed down, depriving carers of vital sources of respite; long periods of isolation and being indoors with relatives with dementia have increased symptoms; and diagnoses have been pushed back.

“All of this has stored up huge emotional problems for carers and it is imperative that their needs are not forgotten as lockdown eases.”

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