Hugh Jackman called out over 'mistake' in hand-washing video

Hugh Jackman was slammed online by fans after failing to shut off his faucet while sharing a tutorial on proper hand-washing techniques.

The Australian actor first shared a video of himself gleefully scrubbing up in his gorgeous marble bathroom while dancing around to Doja Cat's Say So over the weekend.

The since-deleted clip was meant to promote awareness of personal hygiene amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But fans quickly noticed and pointed out that Jackman failed to shut off his faucet for the duration of the 35-second PSA and called him out for wasting water.

Following the apparent backlash, Jackman took to Instagram with an eco-friendly "take two", where he apologised for his lapse in judgement.

"Thank you, everyone, for picking me up on my mistake yesterday, which was to wash my hands and leave the water running the whole time," the X-Men star admitted. "That was not good, I wasn't thinking."

Jackman then demonstrated a proper hand-washing technique again, with one added piece of advice.

"Wash your hands," he advised. "But don't keep the tap running."

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