Kelly Brook left 'mortified' after she passed wind in front of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress and model Kelly Brook was left red-faced after she passed "the smelliest" wind while attending a gathering at Madonna's home with the singer's friend Gwyneth Paltrow and then boyfriend Jason Statham.

The group was set to enjoy a macrobiotic dinner, something which Madonna is very passionate about eating only organic vegetables, grains and beans. But unfortunately this dinner didn't exactly agree with Brook.

Speaking on Heart FM, she said: "Honestly it was like it happened yesterday... OK, so about 20 years ago I got invited to a macrobiotic dinner party at Madonna's house... it's basically like you eat what's in season, you eat what's grown around you.

"It's all like vegetarian, vegan, it's very healthy. Lot of pulses, lots of beans, chickpeas all that stuff. So I'd known about this diet that Gwyneth [Paltrow] and Madonna had been doing for a while so obviously I'm kind of in awe of them, I'm only 20 years old so I want to be like them."

"I'd been doing the diet, probably like a week before, but I'm like a real big meat eater, so my insides were just not liking this new diet – you can imagine.

"So I turn up, we had the meal, we had gone in the living room – it was the first episode of The Sopranos so we put it on, so it was like a big screen and there was loads of people there.

"I remember kneeling down talking to Madonna about something and I just remember my stomach gurgling and I've let out the smelliest blow off, like honestly, it was so bad, it filled the room."

"[Madonna], she just kind of , she just turned her head away because obviously it went straight up her nose," Kelly said. "It was like something had crawled up there and died. I had never ever done anything like that in my life.

"And I just remember like Jason [Statham] just looked at me and was like, "was that you?" and I was like, "yes, I don't think this macrobiotic food is agreeing with me," and that was it, I was never invited back.

"She knew it was me. I was mortified."