Love Island viewers turn on new girl Rebecca

Love Island viewers branded Rebecca Gormley "a snake" as she continued her hunt for a man in the villa.

The newcomer has turned many of the boys' heads since arriving earlier this week.

In Wednesday night's instalment she caused upset by repeatedly whisking Callum Jones off for private chats while his partner Shaughna Phillips looked on in disgust.

However, when Callum set her straight and said he was happy in his couple, Rebecca quickly started flirting with Connagh Howard and the pair kissed.

Fans of the ITV2 show have now accused Rebecca of being "a game player".

"Rebecca is a snake i don't trust her," one person posted on Twitter.

Another said: "Rebecca don't care about no ones feelings! She's here to play the game and bag herself a man."

"Rebecca just doesn't stop does she, absolute snake mate," said another, while one viewer called the 21-year-old "the biggest game player".

Another said: "I do not trust Rebecca as far as I can throw her."

One fan predicted: "I am starting to get the feeling that Rebecca is going to be that contestent who spends so much time playing games, they won't truly bond with anyone and be gone in a week."

However, others praised Rebecca for being the "only one playing the game right".

"I'm sorry but Rebecca seems to me like she's the only grown one in there," posted one viewer.

"Rebecca's playing the game how it should be played," said another.

Love Island continues on ITV2.