Amanda Holden reveals how she got to safety after holiday leg break

Amanda Holden had to swim back to shore with a broken leg after snapping it on the first day of her holiday.

The Britain's Got Talent star said she was "showing off" on a Total Wipeout-style assault course in the sea.

Holden said she slipped and felt her leg as it "went the other way" while making a jump.

Amanda Holden breaks leg
TV presenter Amanda Holden after she broke her leg in two places following an accident during a family holiday (Amanda Holden)

The talent show judge fell into the sea and was forced to struggle back to shore with a broken limb, thankful for her obligatory life jacket.

She spoke on Heart Breakfast about her painful holiday ordeal, which has led to her undergoing surgery.

Holden said: "My leg slipped and it went the other way and I felt it break and I fell into the sea and I had to swim back to the shore one-legged."

She added: "I mean I just can't believe what's happened and it happened on the first day here as well so I'm just totally gutted."

Holden said she was convinced she could handle the assault course "if kids can do it" but stumbled on a set of stepping stones.

While not a great believer in health an safety, she was grateful for the precautions taken for the assault course.

She said: "The irony is is you know how much I hate health and safety and a guy that was running the thing said 'you have to wear the life jacket' and I was thinking 'well, this is silly'.

"It's a children's thing so I was like 'ugh alright then' and I put on the life jacket.

"I'm really glad I did to be honest because I don't think I would have made it back as hastily as I did."

Holden revealed she had broken her leg in two places and has been given a metal plate and screws, and is now using crutches and a wheelchair.

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