Bonnie Tyler shames 'Good Morning Britain' for using tribute act in photo blunder

Bonnie Tyler left Good Morning Britain producers redfaced when she pointed out they had used a picture of a tribute act during her interview.

Presenter Piers Morgan blamed the ITV breakfast show's director for the error as he tried to laugh off the awkward mistake during an appearance by the Total Elipse Of The Heart singer.

Tyler, 68, told Morgan and Susanna Reid off camera that the photo on the screen behind her was not one of her.

Bonnie Tyler was interview by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain (Credit ITV)

Morgan exclaimed, "This is brilliant!" as Reid explained to viewers, "We've got a picture of Bonnie Tyler that Bonnie Tyler has just pointed out is not Bonnie Tyler."

Tyler added "That's not me!"

Morgan continued: "Who is that?! It's not Sam Fox..."

Tyler laughed: "It might be. It looks like me when I was young."

The presenters then challenged the viewers to answer the question of who was in the photo.

GMB used this picture of a tribute act during Bonnie Tyler's interview (Credit: ITV)

Reid said: "The whole reason that we come over and sit in front of all these screens is because our director wants these beautiful pictures."

Morgan added: "It's our director's favourite bit - the wall with all these great pictures. Turns out he's putting pictures up there that actually aren't the guests!


Bonnie Tyler of Britain performs her song "Believe in Me" during a rehearsal for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest at the Malmo Arena in Malmo, Sweden, Friday, May 17, 2013. The contest is run by European television broadcasters with the event being held in Sweden as they won the competition in 2012, the final will be held in Malmo on May 18. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Producers quickly corrected their mistake by swapping the photo to a more recent image of Tyler performing.

Morgan later announced they had "solved the mystery of the picture," telling viewers: "Apparently it's a Bonnie Tyler tribute act."

The Welsh singer was on the show to discuss her upcoming concert at the London Palladium and a special Christmas performance she will give for the Pope in the Vatican later this year.

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