Amanda Holden shares reaction after completing 10,000ft charity skydive

Amanda Holden Skydive
Amanda Holden Skydive

Amanda Holden has exclaimed "box ticked" after leaping from a plane flying at 10,000ft during a charity skydive.

The Britain's Got Talent judge and Heart Breakfast presenter was pictured grinning as she came in to land in Brackley, Northamptonshire, on Tuesday.

The TV star was taking part in Heart's Big Skydive to raise money for Global's Make Some Noise, a charity that helps disadvantaged children and young people.

Holden, 48, jumped alongside her sister Debbie and her 69-year-old mother Judy.

They were also joined by Charlotte Hatton, 17, who was helped by the charity's Holding On Letting Go bereavement scheme after her mother died from cancer.

Before taking part, Holden posed in a risque red catsuit inside the Heart studio, although she jumped wearing a more safety conscious outfit.

She said: "I'm going to be honest with you and say that I found an overwhelming sense of calm as we went up in the plane.

Amanda Holden Skydive
The Heart Breakfast host poses in a red catsuit (Global/PA)

"It felt like the most incredible experience and a dream come true and real box ticked.

"The guys who looked after us were so calm and collected and all of us were in great spirits flying up into the sky, it felt very serene when the doors opened and I had absolutely no worries about just jumping out.

"When I looked out of the open door, it felt very much like I was in the North Pole or Switzerland.

"As a little girl, I always thought it was possible to jump into the clouds and that they may feel like cotton wool so it was like a little fairy tale.

"Although obviously don't try this at home! Without a parachute!"

She added: "My mum, sister and I all shouted that we loved each other. Once we were strapped to our tandem man, it was difficult physically to turn around.

"On take-off, we started singing 10 Green Bottles. I volunteered to go first because I didn't really want to watch anyone else jump out and get put off to be honest.

"It felt like nothing. I felt like an alien. And kept questioning why my fear didn't kick in.

"I think it was because of the excellent instructors and the fact that the whole thing was for such a good cause.

"Just before I stepped out, I held on to Charlotte's hand and said to her – your mummy would be so proud. This is the closest to heaven that you will get. I know she's looking down on you. She is one of the most feisty, fearless young women I have met.

"To be so open and honest about the difficulties she has had and talking so brilliantly about grief has been a real eye-opener. I know that we will stay in touch beyond this sky jump."

Donations can be made via Holden's page or the Heart website: