Duncan James becomes latest star to be linked with I'm a Celeb 2019

Duncan James is set to become the third member of Blue to appear on I'm A Celebrity.

A friend of the singer has been reported as saying: "Duncan has been approached in the past for I'm A Celebrity but the timing wasn't right - until now.

"With his good looks and personality, he is the perfect fit for the ­jungle.

"Producers also think he could be telly gold because he will have to face his phobias head-on. The best camp-mates are the ones who have to overcome their fears — and Duncan has told them he is game for anything.

"Some of his mates think he is totally crazy to go in there, but he has told them the pay packet will make it worthwhile."

Now James faces the prospect of facing his fear of snakes head on, a past interview features the quotes: "I have a massive phobia of snakes. If I saw one I'd pass out or I'd literally pee myself.

"I would never, ever be able to put my head in one of those tanks with creatures crawling about. I'd have a heart attack."

Last week, James revealed that he had struggled to come out as gay but is now "happy in my skin" and "proud to be gay" after finding love his partner, Rodrigo.

Duncan wrote on Instagram: "I didn't identify as a gay man for many years because of my own issues with coming out.

"But finally I'm happy in my skin & this guy next 2 me makes me proud 2 be gay."

Fellow Blue bandmates Antony Costa and Simon Webbe appeared on the 2005 and 2008 series of I'm A Celeb respectively. Simon finished fifth in the show's eighth series while Antony finished sixth in a series, in that featured Carol Thatcher and Sid Owen.

Last month, it was revealed football pundit Ian Wright was the first celebrity to join talks for this year's edition of I'ma Celeb, while Shooting Stars panellist Ulrika ­Jonsson had also been approached by show bosses.

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