Coronation Street stars criticise 'mean spirited' soap scriptwriter

Members of the Coronation Street cast criticised the soap's former script writer for the comments he made about killing off characters (Photo: ITV)

Members of the Coronation Street cast have criticised one of the soap's former scriptwriters for making a range of "arrogant" remarks about killing characters off.

Daran Little, who moved over to EastEnders in 2010, caused upset when he revealed what he does when he's on a boring train journey.

"Things soap writers do on boring train journeys, No.1 make a list of all the people you've killed off. No.2 make a list of all the people you want to kill off. No.3 make a list of all the people you wished you had killed off," he commented.

He then went on to add how he had an awkward encounter with an actor whose character he had killed off.

"Chatted to an actor once, said I'd forgotten how he'd left a particular show. His grim reply: 'you killed me off". Oh yes....'," he recalled.

Shortly after the tweets were published, soap actress Kate Ford, who plays the role of Tracy Barlow in the ITV soap, expressed her annoyance over Little's comments.

Taking to her social media page, Ford simply declared: "Why are you tweeting this stuff Darren .... ???? This is peoples careers."

Meanwhile, Melanie Hill, who plays the role of Cathy Matthews, didn't hold back in expressing how she felt.

In a now deleted post, Hill tweeted: "As an actor in a soap, I am quite shocked by this flippant/arrogant and quite frankly upsetting comment. Who the actual f*** made you God? We are all trying to do our jobs day after day... Granted..

"Yes, our lives are in your hands but do you have to be so f***ing MEAN spirited."

Realising that he had caused upset with members of the soap industry, Little clarified his comments and apologised for causing any offence.

"The actor in question had asked to leave. Sorry for offending anyone. Guess I shouldn't tweet when jet lagged and on meds."

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