Spoiler alert: Next week's TV soaps

On Emmerdale, Robert discovers that Dawn wants money to support Lucas, so he offers her £500 to help him trap Lee.

He's desperate to find any way to trick Lee into revealing his true colours, and show the authorities that Victoria was telling the truth. But could their plan put Dawn in danger?

Meanwhile, things briefly look up for Pete and Rhona – but there's an awkward atmosphere at their engagement party. Can they work things out?

Gary lies to cover his tracks as Rick's daughter Kelly pays another visit on Coronation Street.

Suspicious Sarah realises that Gary may be connected to the Underworld roof collapse as he's hauled in for police questioning. After this, Gary visits Imran and admits responsibility for Rana's death. Will he now face justice?

Elsewhere, fed up with online dating going wrong, Maria welcomes Ali to her flat – and they give into temptation. Has she found love again at last?

On EastEnders, Jack risks trouble as a police insider warns him he is under investigation for attacking Fraser. Determined to maintain his loyalty to Tiffany, he risks his own freedom.

Meanwhile, Phil gets suspicious about his missing money, prompting Shirley to tip off the Slaters.

Mercedes continues to worry about her mystery blackmailer on Hollyoaks, but Liam reveals that he knows who it is. As he continues to plot and goad Mercedes, is his plan working?

Meanwhile, Sadie goes into labour and is supported by Harry, Tony, Darren and Breda at The Hutch. As Tony questions his fatherhood skills and confides in Breda, has he revealed too much to the local serial killer?