EastEnders viewers bemused as Kathy Beale works two jobs at 69

Kath Beale (Gillian Taylforth) works in the cafe and has now opened a gay bar (BBC)

EastEnders viewers have been left somewhat bemused after character Kathy Beale opened up her second business and began working two jobs at the age of 69.

The character, played by Gillian Taylforth, already works in the Albert Square cafe and now she's just opened the Prince Albert gay bar.

But with the character almost being 70-years-old, some viewers have started to question to soap's writers and whether it's realistic for her to be working two jobs.

Kathy Beale will be running Albert Square's new gay bar The Prince Albert (BBC)

One viewer wrote in the Digital Spy forum: "The character of Kathy is meant to be 69 years old as of 2019 (she was born in 1950).

"However, actress Gillian Taylforth is 5 years younger and given her youthful appearance she could pass for 10-15 years younger than that.

"Do you get the feeling the writers are forgetting how old she actually is? For example opening a new business, a late night bar as well at her age seems a bit strange. What almost 70 year old does that?"

Another said: "I agree. Kathy already works all day in the cafe, and now she has taken on a new business as well.

"She is supposed to be nearly 70, and while it's great to keep active as long as possible, I do feel like she's written to be middle aged rather than a pensioner."

The gay bar has been introduced to bring more diversity to the soap (BBC)

Earlier this year, the soap's new producer Kate Oates said that they were introducing a gay bar to Albert Square in order to bring some diversity to the BBC One programme.

When the plans were first announced, she said: "I'm really interested in bringing some more LGBTQ characters in.

"We're looking at opening a gay bar on the Square which will be a super-cool precinct where gay and straight characters can all just hang out.

"It should be something really exciting, really fun, really visual and feel really true to multi-cultural London."

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