Location, Location, Location viewers enraged by picky couple with £800,000 budget

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Location, Location, Location viewers have been angered by a couple with a £800,000 budget who turned a five-bedroom house. because they felt it didn't have enough room for a playpen.

Co-host Phil Spencer had the job of helping vets Sam and Andy find a home in the West Midlands.

The couple had money from a recent inheritance to spend, and they toured the upmarket villages around Solihull with a whopping £800,000 budget.

They were looking for a property with multiple bedrooms, plenty of grounds and room for their infant daughter Evie and dog Bracken to play in.

The couple turned down a five-bedroom Grade II-listed building in Balsall Common, which was priced within their budget at £775,000.

Sam and Andy's reason was that they didn't think it could hold a playpen, despite generous amounts of living space and garden.

Sam told co-host Kirstie Allsopp: "It's a very nice house but what I was hoping for was either space to put a play pen, just space really for Evie to be in here especially when she starts moving around."

Phil disagreed, and said: "This house is ideal and they should just move in and get it done."

Many of the show's viewers agreed with Phil, and made their feelings known on social media.

One daytime TV fan said: "Missed the start. How have that young couple who look about 12 got about 800k to spend??"

The comment led to a thread of other tweeters also expressing exasperation with the couple.

Another viewer wrote: "No room for a play pen ? First world problems - how do the presenters keep a straight face."

A local to the area sounded considerably keener on the property than Sam and Andy, saying: "I live ten mins away from where these vets are looking, unfortunately my budget is around 700k less than theirs or I'd be snapping up that stunning house in wootton wawen."

Another tweeter noted the practical approach of the other couple on the show, and suggested that Sam and Andy had been included for contrast: '"No room for a playpen"? Good grief, it's a ruddy mansion! Why on earth does this tiny family want such a huge house anyway? Loving the pragmatism of the other couple, mind - masterstroke in contrasting."

One viewer foresaw the ending, after tweeting: "I'd tell those 2 with the 800k budget to get lost and find their own house!"

Sam and Andy did turn down all three properties offered up by Phil and Kirstie. they ended up buying a period property £25,000 over their budget.

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