Cannes 2019: Movie poster with Melania Trump look-alike holding decapitated Trump head called 'disgusting'

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DC: President Donald Trump Speaks on Farmers Aid at the White House
DC: President Donald Trump Speaks on Farmers Aid at the White House

The poster for a new film that debuted at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival is causing quite a stir online.

To start, "When Women Rule the World," which is Sheldon Silverstein's directorial debut, boasts quite the notable tagline: "Meet the First Lady of the Future with Heads of State." Accompanying the words is a bikini-clad Melania Trump look-alike named Maria Putin (played by Anna Hera) holding two decapitated heads: One looks like President Donald Trump wearing a Make America Great Again hat, while the other is a bloodied zombie.

The poster channels that of the iconic B-movies from the '60s and '70s, and a tweet calling attention to it garnered replies calling it "absolutely disgusting."

"The level of depravity is still shocking, even though I thought I'd seen it all, they just keep on getting, lower, and lower and more and more disgusting," someone else remarked about the image.

Silverstein told The Hollywood Reporter that the film is high-concept, sci-fi and delves into themes that align with the #MeToo movement.

In one particularly notable plot point, "Donald Trump gets in a fight with Putin over who has the biggest penis, and he pushes a button that starts World War III. ... It's kind of crazy."

"The film has a consciousness and has something to say about what's going on in the world," he added.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Silverstein also condemned President Trump in his interview with THR, calling him a "moron" who "doesn't care about the environment."

"It's all about money to him," he went on. "It's a shame he got elected and [this movie] is a put-down on all of that."

As for the reception that it has gotten so far during the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, the writer-director claimed that "everybody seems to like it so far."