Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas rushed to hospital after dropping 50kg gym weight on his face

'Emmerdale' star Adam Thomas found himself spending three hours in A&E after dropping a 50kg weight on his face (Adam Thomas / Instagram)

Adam Thomas has revealed that he dropped a 50kg weight on his face while working out yesterday, resulting in him spending the whole afternoon in hospital.

The former Emmerdale actor took to Instagram to share the news, posting a surprisingly smiley selfie alongside the caption: "Not sure that everyone knows yet but today I dropped a weight on my face !!"

Despite sporting a wound on his cheek, the 30-year-old seemed to be in good spirits, joking that he didn't know whether the accident itself or spending three hours in A&E with his older brother Scott afterwards was the "worse" experience.

"If you too have dropped a weight on your face please get in touch as it's hard to talk to anyone about my experience unless you've actually been through it," he teased.

"I know your out there and I know your ashamed but it's about time we spoke out and let others know that if your an idiot [sic]."

"Gyms are dangerous places."

Not that that seems to have put him off. Four hours ago, he shared a snapshot of him mid-exercise alongside the caption: "Let's try again shall we..."

While he was seemingly being patched up, Thomas posted an Instagram story of himself in a hospital gown, querying why he even needed to be in one since he only injured his face.

"Feeling really sorry for myself," he said. "Don't think I'll be able to work for a week... good job I dont have a job."

Thomas left Emmerdale in January 2018, having played Adam Barton on the long-running series since 2009.

Speaking about his career to the Express earlier this month, he revealed that he was working "three days a week, buying and selling property in Manchester.

"I've learnt so much," he said. "Acting will always be my number one passion, but it's important to keep busy between jobs."

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