Sharon Osbourne: I've tried to commit suicide three times

Sharon Osbourne has revealed she has tried to commit suicide three times.

The X Factor star has tried taking her own life on three separate occasions, and reveals the third attempt acted as a 'wake up call'.

Osbourne, married to iconic heavy rocker Ozzy Osbourne, was on US chat show, The Talk, when she explained she had struggled with depression.

She said: "I was joking about my depression, but I shouldn't, and I was like saying, 'Oh the first time I tried to kill myself was okay, the second, all right, the third, oh!'

"But, I'm still here, I still do what I do and you struggle. I wish everybody could think flowers and daisies and princesses, but you can't."

Talking about a recent struggle with her mental health, she said: "I had given up. I just couldn't deal.

"At a very low point in my life, I was very frightened about what was going on with me mentally and the thoughts that were going into my head constantly.

"These thoughts coming into my head and pictures and people's faces, but I couldn't verbalise it. I just didn't have the strength to even say I need help because I just couldn't talk, I was just flat, gone."

Osbourne, who has been married to Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy for 37 years, is in a better place now. She said: "It's an ongoing thing of realising how blessed you are and what you have to be happy about – and I have so much."

The 66-year-old has spoke openly about suicide in the past. In her 2007 memoir, she said: "If I can't live my life the way I'm living it now — and I don't mean financially — then that's it.

"If I can't get up and go to the bathroom myself and I've got tubes up my ass and an enema. If I had a stroke and was paralysed, I don't want to be here."

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