Piers Morgan gets revenge on anti-Brexit protestor by shouting at him with a megaphone

Piers Morgan started shouting at an anti-Brexit protestor through a megaphone today after they ruined another political segment on Good Morning Britain.

Activist Steve Bray (AKA Mr. Stop Brexit) has been interrupting GMB correspondent Ranvir Singh for months by repeatedly shouting over her outside Parliament.

So Morgan decided it was time to get some revenge on the protestor by giving him the exact same treatment.

Picking up the megaphone, Morgan asked to speak directly to Mr. Stop Brexit and shouted: "Alright Steve. Shut up about Brexit. Shut up about it. Nobody wants to hear from you. Be quiet about Brexit.

"You're not going to stop it. It's the will of the people. Shut up. That's it. Alright Steve? See, you you don't like it when we're do it. Ruining your morning."

Bray couldn't appear to hear anything Morgan was saying, but he was fully aware that the camera was pointing at him.

"Yes, you!" shouted Morgan. "Ruining every single one of our news broadcasts." Bray still couldn't hear anything, but that didn't stop him shouting back anyway, causing co-hosts Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway to fall about laughing.

"Mine's bigger than yours. I have a bigger megaphone than yours Steve. Right now you are being out-megaphoned," continued Morgan.

Giggling, Reid teased Morgan that his megaphone wasn't actually bigger than Bray's, but it was certainly louder.

Morgan couldn't then help but laugh when Bray randomly called out: "Revoke Article 50!" The GMB host then playfully shouted: "Shut up!"

Yesterday on the morning show, illusionist and self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller unveiled his plans to bend Theresa May's mind into cancelling Brexit, claiming he made her Prime Minister with the help of Winston Churchill's old spoon.

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