Nicole Scherzinger's number one food rule

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WE Day UK 2019 - London
WE Day UK 2019 - London

Former Pussy Cat Doll and X Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger, has revealed the way she keeps her streamlined figure, and it's all down to the time of the day she eats.

Nutritionists are out on whether abstaining from food after a certain hour, is in fact the key to maintaining a healthy weight, with studies showing that not eating after 6pm may not be any more beneficial to weight control.

But what most do agree on is that the later we eat - the more likely it is to be more calorific. People working nightshifts have been shown to gain weight as they reach for the junk food out of a mixture of fatigue and boredom.

Nevertheless, the celebrity says that what works for her is all down to eating has healthy as she can but her number one rule - is to never eat after 7pm.

While one size doesn't fit all, it's important to remember that diets can effect people in different ways. It's always sensible to take advice before embarking on weight loss or major changes to diet.