Father and daughter both audition for The Voice, but only one gets chosen

It was a Voice first on Monday night in the US, when Patrick McAloon and his daughter Ruby both auditioned... but not together.

Patrick and Ruby represent two completely different types of Voice contestants. Patrick is a seasoned singer, who has been working on his career for 25 years, while Ruby is an adorable young girl with a lot of hope in her future. However, unfortunately, only one McAloon made it onto the show.

While Patrick got Adam Levine, John Legend and Blake Shelton to turn their chairs, Ruby sadly didn't get a chair turn at all. Adam, who will be coaching her dad this season, had great advice for the 16-year-old.

"Think about how long it's taken your dad to, like, break through to this moment", Adam told Ruby.

"That should be something that inspires you moving forward, because you will have had this great experience to draw upon. And you also have to understand, whenever something like this doesn't go your way, tomorrow something will."