Pete Townshend believes dogs reincarnate as humans

The Who's Pete Townshend believes "when dogs are ready they reincarnate into humans".

The 73-year-old guitarist loves pooches because they help him with his mental health struggles and the musician has now revealed that he has a curious belief about what happens to dogs when they pass away.

Speaking to The Times, he said: "I'm crazy about dogs. And they are good for me because I'm manic. I swing in and out of depression, and 25 years of being clean [from drink and drugs] means I have high highs and low lows. Rachel is wonderful, sharing my life with her is wonderful, but it's not unconditional."

"When you're down, having a dog who comes up and licks your face changes your body chemistry. I do love them. I miss them when they go. But I have a farmer's attitude: they do their job and then they pass on to the other side. I believe in reincarnation and, although I can't prove it, I believe that when dogs are ready they reincarnate into humans", he added.

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