Little boy runs around BBC Breakfast studio during dad's interview

Television presenters often repeat the adage 'never work with children or animals'. The reason why became evident once again on Sunday, when an interviewee's child ran amok in the BBC Breakfast studio.

Initially sitting with his father James, two-year-old Fray was soon toddling around the set as his dad tried to explain about his experience regarding paternity care and leave with his premature child.

"Mum might come in by the way and take Fray," said a visibly amused Rachel Burden, before co-host an increasingly animated Naga Munchetty chipped in: "I think Mummy may need to come and take Fray because of the cameras and everything."


"He's happy, he's enjoying it very much," the presenters added, as the toddler continued to whizz around the studio, occasionally shouting "daddy!" The youngster even shot a cheeky grin at the camera on one of his

When Fray was absent for the latter half of the interview disappeared later on in the interview, Burden confirmed he was now in the care of his mum: "Fray's gone off with his Mum now he wanted to have a bit of a run around."

This is the latest in an amusing anthology of infant interruptions on the BBC. A notable example came In 2017 when a correspondent talking about Korea was upstaged while broadcasting from a room in his house when his young daughter and son danced into the room.

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