Gravity-defying jumper leaps onto vending machines and over cars

A 24-year-old from the US has earned online fame through the unlikely hobby of jumping.

Wesley Williams works as an air conditioning technician professionally, but online he has tens of thousands of followers who watch him enjoying his pasttime of leaping on or over anything from vending machines to swimming pools.

Jumping great heights and distances came naturally to Mr Williams, who said his obsession began when he was a junior in high school taking part in a weight training course.

"We had a vertical jump test, we were lined shortest to tallest (I was one of the shortest)," Mr Williams, from Dawsonville, Georgia, told the Press Association.

"When it was my turn to jump I jumped past the vertical meter (raised lower for the shorter kids) immediately I knew I had something special.

"From then on I obsessed on growing my vertical to what it is today."

Mr Williams can jump and land onto platforms two metres in height, but he said his proudest leap to date is a clip in which he frontflips over the full length of a Mazda Miata.

"That is from the trunk to hood," he added. "I plan to top this in 2019.

Mr Williams said mainly uses explosive training to improve the height and distance of his leaps.

"I manage to leap higher by constantly jumping every week and pushing myself to do higher, longer, and crazier jumps/stunts," he said.

"To grow your vertical seriously, it takes a lot of training and determination."

If you would like to see more of Mr Williams' jumps, go to his Instagram page.

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