James Cameron addresses Titanic ending

Titanic fans have long wondered why Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) couldn't climb aboard Rose's (Kate Winslet) door-turned-raft at the end of the 1997 movie.

Now, director James Cameron is addressing those "dumb-ass arguments" on BBC's Movies That Made Me.

The 64-year-old filmmaker told BBC Radio 1's Film Critic Ali Plumb, "I've never really seen it as a debate, it's just stupid... There's no debate. But if you really want to unearth all the dumb-ass arguments associated with it..."

Cameron then asked, "I mean, yes, could Romeo have been smart and not taken the poison? Yes. Could he have decided not to bring his little dagger just in case Juliet might stab herself with it? Yes, absolutely. It sort of misses the point."

Plumb interjected "It's called..." as James added, "writing." The pair then laughed.

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