Singers parents are almost too supportive

Embarrassing parents. They're a fact of life for most children as they grow into their teenage years. Whether they're being overly supportive, overly loving or trying to be amusing, there's often a mark they overstep.

It's a marvel therefore, that 17-year-old singer Sammi manages to keep her cool and deliver a terrific rendition of 'Part Of Your World' from The Little Mermaid, with her parents mugging for the camera in this clip that's gone viral in recent weeks.

The video, filmed in the Philippines by Sammi's sister Brianna, has now been watched more than 7million times on Twitter.

"When I said my parents were supportive, I wasn't kidding," wrote Brianna in the post. Adding later "(EEKK DAS MY SISTER RIGHT THERE Y'ALL SHE SO TALENTED) and my parents barging in to fangirl and fanboy."