Melissa McCarthy shocked by questions

Melissa McCarthy reveals that when she was doing an interview for her role in Bridesmaids, someone asked her, "Are you shocked that you actually work in this business at your tremendous size?" Melissa told InStyle that at the time she thought, "With my tremendous size, I could tackle you so quickly."

Melissa also pointed out the double standard in the situation. "...It happens all the time, to the point where it's fascinating because they don't do it to men." During a press conference for one of her other films, another journalist posed another awful question: "Why do you always feel the need to be so grotesque?" Melissa replied: "What are we talking about? I can't answer your question because I don't understand it."

The man continued to insult her, saying, "You look sloppy, you're not wearing any makeup, your hair is not done, you're yelling at people." Melissa says that she asked if he'd ever asked such questions of a guy. "I'm playing a character. You need to get out more if you don't think there are real women like that."

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