Lord Sugar revels in Arsenal fan Piers Morgan's Spurs shirt humiliation

Arsenal fan Piers Morgan was forced to publicly don a Spurs shirt after losing a bet last night, and Lord Sugar was there to grind additional salt into the wound.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was set to draw the next round of the Carabao Cup on Sky Sports, and thanks to a wager with former Spurs striker Peter Crouch, he had to do so in lillywhite.

Crouch had bet Morgan that if Spurs beat Arsenal in the cup's quarter final, he'd have to perform the draw in a Spurs top and also donate £1,000 to charity.

And that's what went down.

Morgan posted a shot of himself clearly distraught, captioned 'Hell'.

Which is when the Apprentice host, who has long-standing beef with Morgan, weighed in.

"Love it having it framed for my office wall," he said.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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