Wedgies and other school pranks helped Kevin Hart perfect the art of comedy

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Kevin Hart says he was a school-ground prankster, performing moves that would hone his skills ahead of his career as a comedian.

Hart, 37, said he also fell victim to the antics and called it a day when he got in trouble for giving a girl a wedgie in a revenge pranking.

He spoke about his youth as he promoted Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie in which he plays George, a mischievous boy who imaginatively takes on villains with his best friend.

The stand-up, whose routines are rated for a more mature audience than those who are growing up with the books the film is based on, thanked editors for cleaning up his language.

"They edited me good. I was cussing up a storm in here at first. Then we dialled it back.

"They say, 'Kevin it's children's so you've got to take the language out, clean it up'," he said.

"I related with the character.

"I found so many similarities between George and myself.

"I was a prankster. George is very much a prankster, his imagination runs wild, as did mine."

Classics, such as whipping out the chair from somebody, were among his top pranks, he said.

"Wedgies went real good for a long time until we gave a girl a wedgie and her underwear just ripped and I said I want no part to this," the Ride Along actor added.

Tying schoolmates' laces together and suspending their trainers from telephone wires was another one, he said.

"That prank was great, until they did it to me. Then I had to explain where my shoes were," he added.

Hart announced on Sunday that he is expecting his third child, who he hopes will follow in his footsteps to a degree.

"You just want to have a good kid and you want to see your kid go through the same things you went through because problems good and bad help shape and mould you into an individual," he said.

"I'm having another boy so I can't wait to see what version of me will be in him."

:: Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie will be released in UK cinemas on July 28.