Lucie Jones relieved she was not 'Brexit' girl at Eurovision

An American Eye On The Eurovision Song Contest
An American Eye On The Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision contestant Lucie Jones says she was relieved that she was not "Brexit girl" at the song contest.

The UK achieved its highest points haul - 111- in eight years for the former X Factor contestant's performance of Never Give Up On You.

The singer, 26, told ITV show Lorraine that, after a gruelling few weeks, she was going to get some rest and eat what she wants.

"You can hear in my voice, I'm so tired," Jones told the show.

"Today is going to be about catching up (on my sleep) and eating junk food."

She said of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was won by Portugal: "It was just the best experience. I had such a wonderful time.

"Nobody actually talked about Brexit there. It wasn't a thing. I wasn't Brexit girl, which was really nice."

Jones added: "It was a completely joyous, wonderful thing to do and I'm so happy that I went."

She blamed nerves and lack of sleep for some contestants sounding out of tune.

"We were exhausted. It's so relentless. Some people didn't quite hit the notes they were hitting in rehearsals, which I thought was a real shame."