MasterChef viewers horrified at 'hipster idea' sweet potato chocolate mousse


MasterChef viewers were horrified when one of the cooks went "one hipster idea too far" and whipped up a chocolate mousse mixed with sweet potato.

Amateur chef Natalie and her fellow competitors decided to try something unusual in a bid to win over the judging panel on the BBC One show.

But the curious pudding fell flat both on the programme and online, where viewers were quite stirred up about the culinary controversy.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Chocolate mousse with sweet potato?!!!!! No. Just no."

"Who puts sweet potato in a chocolate mousse? That's one hipster idea too far," said another.

"Noooooooo! Not the sweet potato chocolate thing! #MasterChefUK Noooo!" tweeted another.

Some viewers posted memes of people looking terrified to show their distaste at Natalie's recipe.

The mousse was not the only dish that received some stick online, with chef Kenny's panna cotta boring the audience at home.

Several said the dessert was simply made too frequently on the cooking series.

"Panna cotta's this year's chocolate fondant," suggested one viewer.

"I've seen too many panna cotta's on this series of #MasterChefUK so far," said another.

And one viewer even said the tasty treat should be barred altogether, pleading: "Please ban Panna Cotta & pasta in the final rounds both are so boring!"

Natalie was one of the contestants who made it through to the next round of the competition.

:: On Thursday night the final group of eight cooks will battle it out for a place in the quarter final.