Emmys joke duet showed Trump had Acres of ambition - Will & Grace star

The 57th Annual Emmy Awards - Show

Will & Grace star Megan Mullally has said performing a duet with Donald Trump during an Emmys ceremony gave her insight into how badly he wanted to win the US presidency.

Mullally and Mr Trump performed a joke duet together during the 2006 Emmy Idol awards show and the comedy actress said he desperately wanted to win.

The duo performed a parody version of the Green Acres song with Mullally in character as her Will & Grace alcoholic socialite Karen Walker and Mr Trump dressed in a straw hat and dungarees.

Appearing on ITV's The Nightly Show, she told host Dermot O'Leary: "Normally I would say, 'Hell no' to something like that, but they said, 'Do you want to play Karen and Donald Trump will stand there in overalls with a pitchfork?' I said, 'Well, yes' and we won.

"The next day I'm in the dressing room and the phone rang and it's the Donald and he said, 'We really needed to win that and we did and you were a part of that and I just wanted to say we really needed to win it'.

"So then when he was running for president I thought, 'Oh my God, if he wanted to win Emmy Idol that badly, how bad is it now?'."

Mullally will soon be returning to the role of Walker when Will & Grace comes back for 12 new episodes.