Nanny knows best! Fans chuckle at Mary Berry's bid to milk a goat


Mary Berry has sent viewers of her latest show into a frenzy once again - but this time it was by milking a goat.

The former Great British Bake Off judge has previously taken some stick on social media for her recipes on Mary Berry Everyday.

But on Monday night's instalment of the BBC programme, it was her attempt to milk a goat that had fans saying they "laughed actual tears".

Berry, 82, was trying to show her granddaughter how to make cheese.

But as she went for the goat's teat the animal raised its hind leg, causing her to chuckle: "Granny's lost her goat!"

Viewers saw the funny side of the scenes and posted a string of jokes on social media.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Mary Berry being kicked by a goat is nearly as funny as the new line up on bake off #maryberryeveryday."

"Just laughed at Mary Berry being nearly kicked to death by a goat. I must be a truly horrible person," joked another.

However, some viewers were a little taken aback.

"I feel uncomfortable watching Mary Berry milking a goat," admitted one fan.

Another said: "Mary Berry milking a goat. I've seen everything."

A clip from next week's episode, in which Berry says she has finally purchased a blow torch for her cakes, also had viewers in stitches.

"Thanks, Mary, you've given me my epitaph: 'I have finally succumbed to a blow torch'," laughed one fan.

Berry was previously embroiled in a culinary controversy for using white wine, thyme, cream and an oven to create her version of spaghetti bolognese on Mary Berry Everyday.

Her hearty potato, leek and cheese pie was also at the centre of a storm, with viewers insisting it was a "casserole with a lid" because it did not have a pastry base.