Comic Adam Hills 'only on GMB TV sofa because of Susanna Reid'


Comedian Adam Hills has followed in the footsteps of actor Ewan McGregor by snubbing Piers Morgan on air.

The Last Leg star joked that he would not have agreed to appear with the presenter on Wednesday's Good Morning Britain show if co-host Susanna Reid was not also on the sofa.

"I would have said no," he told the pair. "I'm only doing it because you (Reid) are here."

His quip came after recording an episode of the 10th series of Last Leg, which showed guest star David Tennant pretending to ask McGregor over the phone whether he should turn down his invitation to the show.

Earlier this week, McGregor turned down an interview with Morgan following comments the presenter had made about the recent global Women's Marches, in the wake of Donald Trump's inauguration as US President.

Speaking about his own political opinions, Hills, 46, described the election of Mr Trump as "comedy gold".

He revealed that he and his team prepared a show in advance in case Hillary Clinton won the vote, but felt they did not need to put in as much effort for Mr Trump.

"We prepared for a Hillary victory, not because we thought she would win, but because it would be harder to make funny," he told the ITV show.

"We woke up (after the US election result was revealed) and thought 'This is going to be comedy gold'."

But, he added, it was a careful balance to ensure the creators were not "trivialising" a "guy who might be doing some scary stuff".