FKA twigs has created a stunning visual for her new Nike campaign

As proven numerous times over the past few years: give FKA twigs an opportunity and she'll excel.

Well, the 28-year-old is at it again, this time as creative director on a Nike project. Twigs handpicked 17-year-old photographer David Uzochukwu to capture her concept - and directed, performed and soundtracked the new Nike Women collection.

Take in the stunning visuals for Do You Believe In More? below.

Twigs also penned a letter detailing her love of sport and how she saw a chance working with Nike to inspire.

"I saw it as an opportunity to be inspirational to people who want to use their bodies in a positive way. I cast a group of amazing people who take their physicality seriously and have their own sense of style, in order to inspire people to be healthy and know that, through any genre of sport, they can be the best versions of themselves," she wrote.

Fka Twigs' crew in her new Nike creative
(David Uzochukwu)

"You have to be incredibly in tune with yourself and focused to be able to compete or create. Vulnerability and strength have a lot to do with this.

"If you're an athlete in your final moment of competition, then everything you've done, everything your parents had to give up, and everyone who has supported you are there in that one second. You have to accept your destiny, and have both the physical power and willpower to do what you need to do.

"It's the same with creatives. You can work so hard on a creative project for over a year; you were in the studio until 4am, maybe you had to get your friends to help you. Then there's the moment before you let it go into the world. Once you release it, that's it."

Fka Twigs' Nike campaign
(David Uzochukwu)

"'Do you believe in more' refers to a girl who grew up looking different from everybody else around me, who wanted to do things no-one else wanted to do in a small town, who didn't grow up with lots of money, but just had so much determination and hope inside me. I wanted to do more with my life.

"'Do you believe in more' is a question that anyone can ask themselves."

Take in the rest of David's images from the campaign below.

(David Uzochukwu)

(David Uzochukwu)

(David Uzochukwu)

(David Uzochukwu)

(David Uzochukwu)

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