Emotional Jamie O'Hara seeks comfort from Nicola McLean in CBB

Having been in the Celebrity Big Brother house for over a week, the strain is getting to footballer Jamie O'Hara as he broke down in tears in the latest episode of the Channel 5 show.

Jamie was seen telling Big Brother in the Diary Room that he misses his children with ex-wife Danielle Lloyd, and the outpouring of sadness caused him to cry.

He said: "I just miss my kids, I love them so much. I promise that I'll never leave them again, I just hope they don't think I'm a div coming in here doing this.

Jamie O'Hara
Jamie O'Hara (Channel 5)

"Cause they just see me as daddy the footballer ... they always say to me, 'we just wanna play football like you daddy', and now I'm just sat here..."

He apologised for crying, adding: "Sorry, I didn't think it would be this hard."

Jamie then said he finds is difficult to speak to other men, such as new friend Calum Best, about his feelings.

He said: "You've got to act like a lad, keep your guard up."

Jamie O'Hara and Nicola McLean
Jamie O'Hara and Nicola McLean (Channel 5)

Emerging from the Diary Room and still with tears in his eyes, he received hugs from his fellow housemates before seeking solace from Nicola McLean

Admitting he feels like he is doing a bad job in the house, Nicola assured him he is doing well while giving him a cuddle.

"I just find it really difficult to talk to blokes," he told her.

Jamie O'Hara and Nicola McLean
Jamie O'Hara and Nicola McLean (Channel 5)

Jamie and Nicola - who is married to former footballer Tom Williams - are thought to have been getting involved in flirty behaviour while in the house together and they hinted at having kissed before being locked up together.

They looked to have been getting quite close during a drunken night in the CBB house and Nicola was warned by fellow housemate Stacy Francis to "stay out of trouble".

Meanwhile, fans of CBB tweeted that they were proud of Jamie for showing his emotions after spending time away from his three sons Archie, Harry and George.

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