Ray J Norwood leaves Celebrity Big Brother house

Singer Ray J Norwood has left the Celebrity Big Brother house, the Channel 5 show has confirmed.

As Tuesday night's episode ended, the reality programme announced that "Ray J has left the Big Brother house".

On the show's website he is listed as "ex-housemate", with more information expected on the show's spin-off programme.

In a message posted on Twitter announcing his departure, the show said: "Ray J has left the Celebrity Big Brother house and you are no longer able to vote for him.

"Those who have cast votes will be entitled to a refund."

Ray J
(Ian West/PA)

The US singer and songwriter is best known in the UK for starring in a leaked sex tape with Kim Kardashian, but said he was hoping to change all that when entering the house.

Asked what he was most looking forward to about appearing on the reality programme, he said: "People to really get to know who I am and not what they read or see on TV, or what I did in bed."

Ray, 35, is the brother of singer and actress Brandy Norwood and is also related to rapper Snoop Dogg.

Kim Kardashian
Ray J starred in a leaked sex tape with Kim Kardashian (Ian West/PA)

He was also close to singer Whitney Houston in the years before her death in 2012 and discussed her death during his time in the house.

Before entering the house, he said none of his housemates should feel as if they are superior to others.

"Rich or poorer, we are all the same people and that's what makes me upset," he said.

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