The Undateables: Viewers thought Lily's idea of a ghost hunt date was perfect

The New Year's off to a romantic start with the second episode of The Undateables sixth series.

The show began with Eddie, who has autism, going on a date with Cassie, overcoming his nerves and bagging a cheeky kiss at the end.

But the star of the show, according to viewers, was 18-year-old sweetheart Lily, who has a rare genetic condition that can result in a distinctive appearance and learning disabilities.

Lily decided to do alt-romance with her date Josh and suggested they go to a haunted house for their first date.

The Undateables screenshot
(Channel 4/The Undateables)

Although Josh was nervous, he strapped on his finest looking bow tie and tackled the activity head on.

Poor Josh looked terrified as they travelled around the haunted manor, and eventually had to make a premature exit while Lily stayed and tried to make contact with the afterlife.

But despite his fears, the two exchanged numbers at the end of the date.

Turns out a haunted house date could be the way to go...

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