Let It Shine launches ratings battle against The Voice

Take That star Gary Barlow's search for the cast of a new musical has kicked off, clashing with the BBC's former Saturday night star The Voice, which has switched to ITV.

Let It Shine is new to BBC One and goes up against The Voice, which is scheduled for an overlapping time and also aired for the first time on Saturday night.

Gary Barlow
Let It Shine kicked off tonight (BBC)

As The Voice began on ITV during Gary's show, some viewers admitted they would be turning over.

But others enjoyed the programme.

Former Take That star Robbie Williams tweeted his support.

The Let It Shine episode started with Gary performing an opening number in which he sang about searching for fame and appeared to be nude for one scene of the dance where he pretended to be in the shower.

For the first round of auditions, Gary, Dannii Minogue and Martin Kemp were joined by former Glee actress Amber Riley, who is now starring in the West End stage show of Dreamgirls, as a guest judge.

Each judge could award up to five points and two of the hopefuls - Nicky Price, 17 and Jason Brock, 30 - earned a full 20 points on their way through to the next round.

Let It Shine
Jason Brock scored full points (BBC)

The programme featured two other members of Take That, Mark Owen and Howard Donald, who chatted to the auditionees backstage.

Mark said to one nervous contestant who had never held a microphone: "We had one mic, Gary had the one that worked, and we had plastic ones.

"We used to pass it round for certain songs, we built it into our dance routines."

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