Awkward! BBC Breakfast hosts introduce the WRONG guest live on air

Live TV sometimes fails those involved, and the latest - and frankly, hilarious - example of this was on Saturday morning's edition of BBC Breakfast.

Hosts Jon Kay and Rachel Burden were left blushing when they introduced a guest, who turned out to be completely the wrong person. And he didn't mind letting them know about it either.

Jon and Rachel introduced a segment - presumably reading off an autocue - about Leslie Binns, a heroic war veteran who ditched a Mount Everest climb to save the life of a disaster-struck fellow mountaineer.

BBC Breakfast
BBC Breakfast (BBC/iPlayer grab)

But instead of seeing Leslie on the sofa, they were greeted by the slightly miffed expression of Dr Todd Landman, a revered professor and expert in US politics.

Dr Landman managed to keep his cool as he told the pair "I think you have the wrong man" before watching their faces drop in absolute horror.

Rachel then said, the penny having dropped: "Do you know, it's ever so funny... I looked at this man and thought, 'He doesn't necessarily look like a mountaineer!'"

Dr Landman joked back: "I have many heroic stories to tell but not involving Everest."

The cringeworthy moment was shared by people on Twitter in their droves, viewers who could not believe what they had witnessed while enjoying their morning coffee.

However, the minor gaffe was taken lightly by everyone involved, as the presenters took to Twitter after the broadcast to have a giggle about it.

And Rachel finally managed to meet the REAL Leslie Binns, too.

She joked that they might have even been separated at birth.

Dr Landman later shared the moment on his own Twitter page and retweeted posts about it, showing that he took it all in his stride.

One message read: "You didn't tell us you'd climbed Everest @DrToddLandman, we'll have to add that to your bio!"

The incident got people remembering Guy Goma, who famously appeared for an interview on BBC News 24 after being mistaken for somebody completely different, but went ahead with the chat anyway. A modern legend.

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